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Florida Named Strange News Capital

Florida, where strange happens



    Florida Named Strange News Capital
    We thought everyone dragged dead sharks through the streets.

    Florida should change its nickname from the Sunshine State to the “Just Plain Strange” State.

    Some website called tableseed.com has concluded that Floridians produce the most strange news in the country, which shouldn’t shock anyone in Miami.

    In fact, we are starting a petition to change the city slogan to, “Where strange happens.”

    Ironically, Miami didn’t make the website’s top 20 strange cities list, which is weird considering in recent months the Magic City has been the site of dead sharks being dragged through the streets, a serial cat killer and tongue-biting prostitutes.

    And does it really get any stranger than Isiah Thomas? Thomas' old home, New York, won the city title.

    But we do get to share in the state title, so there’s your consolation prize.