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Drunk Invader Just Wanted to Sniff Skivvies

Tatiana Gonzalez came home to find a man had gone through her -- and her daughter's -- unmentionables



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    Tatiana Gonzalez came home the evening of March 28 to find a man with long curly hair walking out of her bedroom. Gonzalez asked the short Hispanic man what he was doing there, and to her surprise he simply replied, “I live here.”

    The man elaborated the tale and told Gonzalez that he knew her landlord.

    Gonzalez firmly replied, “I don’t care who you know but you don’t live here," at which point the man fled.

    The man in her bedroom was identified as Demetrio Hernandez, who decided to break into Gonzalez's home in St. Lucie County through a bathroom window. Once inside, Hernandez made himself comfortable on her bed and went through her personal items, especially her lace underwear. Gonzalez believes Hernandez sniffed her thongs and then scattered them all over the closet floor.

    The obsession with the underwear didn’t stop there. Hernandez also took Gonzalez’s three-year-old-daughter's underwear and put them on the floor.

    Port St Lucie Police found Hernandez hiding out at Gonzalez's landlord's home. He was questioned as to why he had broken into the home and scattered the underwear. Hernandez told police he was too drunk to remember what happened.

    Hernandez was arrested and charged with a burglary of occupied dwelling.