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Woman Stole $1,600, Hid It In Her Weave

Esther Armbrister is charged with grand theft for using her wig to steal money



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    Esther Armbrister

    Esther Armbrister's hairdo looked like a crime scene, but not because it was a badly done weave.

    The 20-year-old Miami woman has been charged with grand theft after she allegedly stole $1,600 out of a man's shorts and hid it in her glued-on wig, an arrest report stated.

    The alleged hair-raising crime happened at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood over the weekend.

    Armbrister, who has seven prior arrests for prostitution, had hooked up with a man and gone back to his room for some alone time when she got a look at his bankroll.

    The man, identified as a tourist from New York, told police he had a billfold with close to $2,000 in $100 and $20 bills. 

    Armbrister, who told the man her name was Brooke, stayed the night in the man's hotel room, but when the morning came, she was in a rush to leave, police said.

    Before she could make it out of the door, though, the man allegedly checked his cash and noticed his Benjamin Franklins were missing. He said he confronted his new acquaintance, but she said she didn't have the money and even stripped down, turned out her pockets and emptied her purse to prove she didn't take the missing money. But she didn't remove her hairpiece.

    Police got involved and eventually asked the woman if they could run their fingers through her hair, so to speak. That's when detectives found the missing money, a police report said.

    Armbrister admitted to detectives that she turned her wig into one of the most expensive hairstyles in South Florida and was taken to jail.

    Hopefully, the tourist learned a valuable lesson and now he has an unbe-weave-able story to take back to NY.