Hitler's Grammy Drunk During Cop Stop, Says Mom

Family was on its way to court hearing

Little Adolf Hitler Campbell’s parents are already in the midst of a custody battle.  And now they may have even more trouble on their hands, because grandma was sauced in the backseat of their car, according to Adolf’s mother.

Deborah Campbell, Adolf's mom, claims the couple was mistreated by Raritan Township police during a traffic stop.

With husband Heath at the wheel and her mother in the backseat, Deborah was headed to family court Jan. 13, when they were pulled over by police at around 10 a.m.

Deborah claimed police referred to him as “the Nazi guy” and quizzed him about his tattoos, one of which is a swastika, according to the Express-Times. She says they also made Heath take a sobriety test after allegedly smelling alcohol in the car.

But, it was grandma drunk in the backseat, not Heath, Deborah said.  She was headed to court with the couple in hopes the three children would be released to her if the parents could not gain custody.

Lt. Kevin Donovan of the Raritan Township Police Department confirmed with Jim Deegan of the Express-Times, that the Campbell’s were pulled over and ticketed for not making necessary repairs to the car deemed by a prior state inspection. 

Lt. Donovan did not comment on the alleged mistreatment of the couple, and said there was no record of a sobriety test performed.

A formal complaint with the police department has not been filed.  But, a complaint form was requested by Heath and has been mailed to his home, Lt. Donovan said.

Officials from the N.J. Division of Youth and Family Services took the children -- Adolf Hitler Campbell, 3, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 1, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, who will turn 1 in April – from the Campbell’s home in Milford last Tuesday, saying only that they felt the children were in danger.

Deborah said officials have yet to tell her and her husband exactly why the children were removed. But Campbell suspects it has something to do with the names they bestowed upon their kids.

"The names, I believe are the problems. But they just don’t want to come out and say that,” Campbell said.

The couple has defended the names of their children saying they reserve the right to name the kids whatever they like.

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