Burger King Unveils “Whopper Bar” Buffet

The gut-busting burger chain will let you stack up to 22 toppings on your patties

Burger King will let you have it even more your way Tuesday, as the chain unveils its first-ever "Whopper Bar" buffet.  

The heaven-on-earth burger paradise will let restaurant-goers in Orlando, Fla. customize their Whoppers with more than 20 condiments, including the standards - ketchup and mustard - and off-the-wall toppings like guacamole and jalapeno peppers, the Associated Press reports.

The Whopper Bar franchise will be headquartered in Orlando's Universal CityWalk, part of the Universal Studios chain. The new restaurants will feature a space-age red, orange and black color scheme that will modernize the half-century burger retailer.

Burger King bigwigs said they plan to open six Whopper Bar restaurants in the next year, including one this summer in Munich.

"Our vision is that this could be a 300- to 500-unit part of our overall portfolio if our thesis is right about the ability to position this as the vanguard of Burger King restaurants," said Russ Klein, Burger King's president of global marketing, strategy and innovation.

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