Caught On Cam: Muggers Nabbed on Google's Photos

Victim finds the men who robbed him in online snapshot

Google helped Dutch cops nail twins in the robbery of a kid last year.

The 14-year-old victim found a photo from Google's Street View map application that showed the suspects just before the robbery last September. The pictures were taken from a car that was compiling photos for the search engine's application, according to The Associated Press.

The mugging took place in Amsterdam, but went unsolved until March, when victim stumbled upon the photo on Google in March that the police were able to find the suspects. The boy immediately alerted the police, and the robber twins, 24, have since been taken into custody.

"As the faces were unrecognizable, police made contact with Google in the United States, and received the original photograph by mail in June. An investigator immediately recognized one of the suspects," Dutch police said in an official statement on Friday.

Dutch newspapers have reported that the Street View images were captured just moments before the brothers dragged the victim off his nike, and nabbed his mobile phone and 165 euros in cash.

After a police investigation, one of the two men have confessed to robbing the boy.

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