French Company Hawks “Sunshine Insurance”

No rain on your vacation or your money back

A new insurance policy ensures French sun-seekers won't get burned.

The "Sunshine Insurance" policy, created by France-based Pierre et Vacanes, gives travelers a portion of their money back if it rains at least four days in one week during their vacatopms, Reuters reported.

Clients will get "automatic reimbursement for part of their stay... if weather conditions don't meet their expectations," the company said.  

The travel company will use satellite photos given to them by the French weather bureau to calculate how much money vacationers should get reimbursed.

Would-be sunbathers soaked by rain will get a text message or an e-mail informing them that a reimbursement check is headed their way. The money-back guarantee is worth up to $556.

Only 10 percent of those interested in the insurance policy saw enough rain on their vacation to warrant money back during a test run of the program last year, the man who came up with the idea, Herv Kayser, said.

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