Blowin' in the Wind from Dylan's Place

The times really have a-changed when a legendary folk singer can't get a break in Southern California.

A Malibu couple claims their neighbor, singer Bob Dylan, has permanently parked a nasty smelling portable potty next to their mutual property line.
In a letter to the editor published by the Malibu Surfside News, Cindy and Dave Emminger publicly complained that the City of Malibu has been unable to help them solve the problem.

The Emmingers accused Dylan of "renting a toxic, hazardous, carcinogenic chemical toilet" and "plopping it down" next to their home, in a rural section of the city overlooking the ocean.

"This toilet is apparently intended by my neighbor, Bob Dylan, to be a permanent fixture on his property," the couple complained. They said the city's code enforcement staff has been unable to force its removal.
A spokesman for Dylan and his Grey Water Park Productions was not available Sunday, and the City of Malibu routinely refuses comment on specific code enforcement issues.
Dylan has lived in Malibu for decades, and has pieced together an equestrian compound out of several lots in an older section of the city, not far from Zuma Beach.

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