Forget the Gold Star — He Got a Car

Student with perfect attendance wins 1997 Ford Mustang

A student with perfect attendance won an amazing parting gift from school administrators.

Bernard Alexander, a graduating senior at Castle Park High, is one of 77 students in the Sweetwater Union High School District who had perfect attendance this year. After lots of suspense on Tuesday, Alexander was handed the keys to a 1997 Ford Mustang GT convertible. 

Alexander won the car after his name was drawn in a raffle for all the students with perfect attendance.

The district started giving prizes to students with perfect attendance last year. The prizes have included laptops computers and iPods in the past. This was the first year anyone has won a car.

Moynahan Towing in National City donated the white Mustang, students at Southwest High renovated it, and the car was then repainted at Chula Vista Adult School.

Now there's just one thing preventing him from hitting the road.

"He just has to learn to drive it," Bernard Alexander Sr. said. "I'm teaching him to drive right now."

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