Get Wrapped Up in the Snuggie Revolution

Blanket with sleeves is this year's Sham-Wow!

Do you find regular blankets too confining? Limiting your ability to reach a lamp switch or change channels with your remote control? You may be in the market for a Snuggie, and ready to join the millions of other Americans whose hands have been liberated from the confining oppression of regular throws.

The Snuggie, which is a wearable blanket with sleeves, is now being called the "raiment of the zeitgeist" by AdAge, which describes how a falloff in demand for televised ad buys has created a perfect storm of opportunity for an infomercial phenomena. Many consumers, who are dealing with the economic downturn by dialing down their thermostats and hiding under a blanket are snapping up Snuggies at an incredible rate.

The marketing company hawking the adult swaddling clothes sold four million of them in the last month and is pressing Chinese manufacturers to keep up with demand.

The infomercials that advertise Snuggies are so preposterous at face value that they've spawned a cottage industry of spoofs that have popped up on YouTube

One titled "The Cult of Snuggie" replaces the infomercial soundtrack with the apocalyptic classical music piece "O, Fortuna" by Carl Orff.

The Snuggie also comes with a complimentary booklight, so one can look like a pagan high priest while enjoying a good read, eating a snack, knitting, or talking on the phone.

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