“Islamic Hired Killers” Blackmailing Rubes

If the hit man e-mails, don't answer, police warn

How much are you willing to pay for your life?

This is a question East Hartford residents have been getting by e-mail.

The threatening e-mails come from “the Ishmael Ghost Islamic Group,” a group that claim to be “Islamic hired killers and suicide aides.”

It’s a hoax, East Hartford Police Department warn, and it seems to be popping up in in-boxes in many places, including Florida and Ontario.

“Sometime ago, you offended a member of our gang. As you quite know, I shall not be detailing my statement. This member had ordered for your assassination after he made sure he acquired every information about you and your family,” the e-mail says.

The e-mail makes threats against the life of the residents, and even the lives of family members and friends – unless they comply with demands hand over $800 within 72 hours, which will be used to “transport expatriates out of the U.S.A.

This e-mail was devised as a deceptive con to swindle your money. Although the e-mail specifies that the recipient should deal with this message in utmost secrecy, fortunately people have leaked.

The East Hartford Police Department would like to warn all residents that this e-mail is just a ruse to scam money and compromise your identity. The EHPD further explains that the email has been sent in random forms.

The police are recommending that the public follow these guidelines:

First do not open unsolicited e-mails.

Second, do not respond to these types of hoax e-mails.

Third, anyone receiving threatening e-mails is advised to contact law enforcement to file a complaint.

Finally, remember that providing any personal information to an unsolicited e-mail can compromise your identity.

So, when checking your gmail and hotmail accounts, don’t be fooled by this disturbing scam. It seems that these days people are resorting to any measure to pick your pockets!

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