“I Choose Hell…”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Pa. filed suit Wednesday on behalf of a man who named his company “I Choose Hell Productions.”

In 2007, Downingtown filmmaker, George Kalman's request to register with the state as a business was rejected.

Kalman was turned down because a Pa. statute prohibits corporate names with words that shame the Lord’s name -- words like “Hell.”

The statute read: “[an] entity name may not contain words that constitute blasphemy, profane cursing or swearing or that profane the Lord’s name.”

The lawsuit labels the statute as “unconstitutional” because the commonwealth is relying on religious standards. And, then there is the whole “freedom of speech” thing.

“I was amazed at how our government can impose religious beliefs on others,” Kalman said.

Kalman said he chose the name “I Choose Hell Productions” because he believes it is better to struggle through the difficult times i.e. live in “hell” rather than commit suicide.

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