Jones Soda Pedals Off the Power Grid for Earth Day

Jones Soda, the company that makes odd tasting flavored beverages has come up with some quirky ideas in their day---Thanksgiving dinner flavored drinks come to mind.  But their Earth Day initiative takes the cake ... flavoring.

To celebrate the conservationist holiday, Wednesday, the company rigged up bicycles to generate electricity for their Seattle-based headquarters.

"This is pretty typical Jones Soda. We do fun, innovative things here, and this is just an example," Susan Rozewski, a Jones employee told the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Nine workers at a time would pedal in shifts to store energy in a set of car batteries. The pedal powered office experiment was so successful that the company went off the power grid for the day.  Jones was able to generate enough electricity to power 15 laptops, a server, a printer and several phones and fax machines.

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