”Most-Pierced Woman” Just Not That Into Piercings

The woman with 6,005 piercings reveals she kind of hates the whole "piercing" part

The Guinness World Record holder for Most-Pierced Woman had 462 piercings in 2000, when she first claimed the title. Now, nearly a decade later, Elaine Davidson has racked up another 5,543 holes, or 6005 total piercings on her person. And that includes "more than 1,500 that are internal," according to this Daily Telegraph piece. We don't even quite know what that means, which makes the whole thing even more awesome.

Best part: "I don't enjoy getting pierced," says the record-holder, who adds that members of her family aren't that into it either. Davidson says she does it because she has to suffer for her art. But what do her patients think? (Elaine Davidson works as a nurse in Edinburgh.)

World's Most Pierced Woman
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