My, My, GW Parkway, Aren't We Saucy Today?

VDOT rushes to pull the plug

WTOP sent us this hilariously inappropriate picture of the electronic sign on the GW Parkway's northbound exit from Rosslyn toward the Key Bridge. The Virginia Department of Transportation says it's not their sign (deny deny deny), but they do know how to turn it off, and someone headed over there to do just that. Bummer.

Another sign at Chain Bridge Road and the GW Parkway had a similar message but was turned off earlier. See what happens? You arrest BORF and then someone else feels the need to be, um, creative.

The wacky traffic sign appears to be all the rage this year. In Austin this January, motorists were greeted with the warning, "NAZI ZOMBIES! RUN!!!" And then a week later in Lubbock, Texas, drivers were advised, "OMG THE BRITISH R COMING."

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