Dumped Dude Offers Engagement Ring in Twitter Treasure Hunt

A scorned lover will give away a diamond ring to whoever follows his Twitter clues

An unlucky-in-love New Zealand man whose girlfriend said "no" when he popped the question will give his engagement ring away -- in a Twitter treasure hunt.

Anthony Gardiner is giving searchers who follow his clues on Twitter the opportunity to win the diamond ring he bought for his fiancee -- a $3,000 treasure he'll hide in New Zealand's capital city.

"I met this girl I thought was pretty cool, bought a ring, turns out she wasn't as keen," Gardiner, a 29-year-old call-center worker, told New Zealand's the Dominion Post.

"Obviously, it's been a pretty unlucky ring for me," he said.

Gardiner will start posting clues about the treasure hunt Saturday morning to his Twitter -- http:/twitter.com/donoogle_com.

He'll post clues about the ring's location, and if it isn't found by the end of the day, he'll start giving out directions to its location.

Gardiner's hope for the ring?

He hopes it'll be found by a man who's "found a cool chick and who wants to give them something they normally wouldn't be able to afford."

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