Ninja Robs Dry-Cleaner With Samurai Sword

Armed with a ninja sword, a masked Mass. man demands cash from dry-cleaners

Forget the gun -- this criminal brought his samurai sword.

A man dressed as a ninja attempted to hold up a Massachusetts dry-cleaner Monday morning, toting a "ninja sword" for intimidation.

The ninja strutted into Weymouth, Mass., store Galaxy Cleaners Monday around 8 a.m., dressed in all-black ninja robes and wearing a black mask, witnesses told the Quincy Patriot-Ledger.

He drew his "ninja sword" from his sheath, waved it at the cashier and demanded money -- but the woman behind the register told the wannabe-Karate Kid that she couldn't open the drawer.

The ninja didn't have it in him to finish the fight -- frustrated, he left the scene without even pulling out his nunchucks.

The man had previously tried to rob the nearby Tedeschi convenience store, cops said, but apparently the ninja wasn't intimidating enough for either establishment.

Cops are still hunting for the ninja, who they believe to be a male in his 20s.

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