Turkey Terror!

A group of terrifying turkeys are causing trouble along a rural Massachusetts postal route.

Service has been suspended since January 15 for a group of homes in Rockport, Mass. because a gang of turkeys, lead by two male "ring leaders", have chased, and tried to peck the mailman off his route for the past five months.

"Some of the neighbors said their dogs have been attacked, but mostly it's just been our postal truck," said Rockport Post Office Delivery Manager Tim Russell. "They chase the truck down the street---two males in particular. It's just unbelievable."

"Last week, people had so (the mail carrier) could get back to his truck. He was trying to wave a bag full of mail at the turkeys as he ran when some folks pulled over to shoo the turkeys away."

Local environmental police officials have suggested that the mail carriers use an umbrella to ward off the Toms.

"We're not going to go out there with n umbrella every day, but after a couple of times it should show the turkey that the carrier is dominant," Russell said. "But I'm a little skeptical because nothing seems to stop them from going after the carrier and truck."

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