‘Spiderman' Scales Hong Kong Skyscraper

French daredevil climbs 62 stories barehanded to protest global warming

Spidey is back in business.

Frenchman Alain Robert, who scaled the New York Times building in June, climbed a 62-story skyscraper barehanded in Hong Kong Tuesday morning, the BBCreported.

Robert, 46, took 40 minutes to reach the top of the 900-foot tall Cheung Kong business center in downtown Hong Kong, using the building's glass window trimming to hoist himself up the tower.

Once he reached the top, the daredevil with a death wish unraveled a banner labeled with a Web site aimed at the prevention of global warming. The stuntman used his previous climbs to similarly spotlight AIDS awareness, homelessness and other causes.

Hong Kong police questioned Robert after the climb, but no charges were filed, the AP reported.

Robert has climbed the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House, among other structures. 

He scaled the 52-story New York Times building in midtown Manhattan this summer to promote global warming activism.

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