Palin, Clinton Comics Fly Off Shelves

Villains, beware -- Super-Sarah and Hillary the Avenger are hot on your tail.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are the stars of a new series of comic books -- "Female Force" -- that are flying off shelves nationwide.

The comics are graphic biographies of the Alaska governor and the former First Lady, retelling their political and personal lives in cartoon form.

Palin's comic life story was released yesterday and has completely sold out, according to the book's publisher, Bluewater Productions. The agency said it'll run a second printing of the books, which retail at $3.99, to meet popular demand.

"Despite our plan to over-print these titles, the demand greatly exceeded our expectations," Bluewater reps said.

Palin's story follows her from the time she was a PTA president in Alaska to her campaign for the White House. Two editions for the comic books were originally drawn -- one that ended in a victory for Palin and Sen. John McCain's campaign and another that ended with a loss.

Clinton's takes readers down a similar path, tracing her life from when she met husband and former President Bill Clinton to her 2008 bid to take the White House herself.

The next feisty female to be featured in the series will be Michelle Obama, whose book will be released in April. Caroline Kennedy will also be part of the series -- her story is set to debut in March.

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