Phantom Poop Painter on the Prowl

The sight of dog excrement on the city streets is all too common. But start painting those ubiquitous turds in fluorescent colors and someone is bound to notice.

Local tour guide Stan O'Connor was so taken aback by the rainbow of refuse stretching across his Upper Eat Side that he felt compelled to document this lowest form of art and post it on YouTube. Soon the New York Times was sharing his story with the world.

The Poop Painter of New York City

It would appear that a fellow UES denizen is so fed up with the soiled sidewalks that he's decided to highlight the problem -- quite literally -- by spray painting feces.

As O'Connor notes, New York City law requires that dog owners clean up after their pets, but it's clear that there's an abundance of scofflaws who can't be bothered.

"I have very mixed feelings about a guy who does graffiti based on poop," said O'Connor.

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