Pro Skateboarder Sorry for Naked Rooftop Rant

A professional skateboarder in Redondo Beach, Calif. got a little too radical for his neighbors.

Jereme Rogers apologized Wednesday for what was described as a naked rooftop sermon. Rogers said he "ate some (psychedelic) mushrooms and bugged out," according to the Daily Breeze.

Rogers, who said his street-skating skills come from God, shed his clothes Monday night and climbed on his roof, pacing very near the 20-foot-high edge as he shouted and preached to the neighborhood.

Police Lt. Jim Acquarelli said he climbed on the roof and talked Rogers down. Although he described Rogers' conversation as "fragmented" and "interrupted" -- not to mention it was with people who weren't there -- the lieutenant was impressed with his agility.

"He never lost his balance," Acquarelli told the Daily Breeze. "The potential was there for it. If he had taken a few negligible steps to the right, that would have impeded his balance and would have led to his demise."

Rogers was hospitalized for observation and released. Police said he was not arrested but might still face charges.

"I literally was walking on the edge," Rogers told the Breeze. "They said my balance was amazing."

The 24-year-old Rogers has appeared in the last several X Games and competes on the AST Dew Tour.

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