“Pull My Finger” iPhone Rivals Go To Court

Dueling iPhone application creators fight to patent a fart simulator for your phone

Pull my finger! No, pull mine!

The creators of two different iPhone applications designed to simulate flatulence will go to court over who has the right to trademark the "Pull My Finger" idea, Fox Newsreports.

The two applications - "Pull My Finger" and the iFart - both offer users a variety of gassy noises that vary in length, sound and type. Users can press a button and hear anything from a short toot to a long, drawn-out fart.

Air-o-Matic, the company behind "Pull My Finger," asked Apple in January to pull iFart from shelves because it infringed on their copyright. Apple denied the motion and Air-o-Matic filed a silent but deadly motion to settle for $50,000. The company reportedly began planning to sue Infomedia, the company behind the iFart application.

Infomedia asked a Denver court to rule this week to declare that "Pull My Finger" is too common a phrase to be trademarked by Air-o-Matic or any other application creator, Fox News reports.

If Infomedia wins, both fart-simulators will be able to use the phrase.

There are more than 75 other flatulence-based applications for sale in the iPhone registry.

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