Rotten Eggs Get Men Hot

Rotten eggs are a bizarre aphrodisiac for men

Don't throw those expired eggs away - save them for the special guy in your life.

The smell of rotten eggs is a turn-on for men, an Italian study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found Tuesday.

A gas called hydrogen sulphide, which is released when eggs rot and car exhausts are turned on, is also released when men experience sexual arousal, the study published in British newspaper The Sun shows.

Small amounts of hydrogen sulphide leak out from the penis as men prepare for sex. The gas helps to relax the muscles around male genitalia and boost blood flow, which causes an erection.

The new discovery could be used to form a more effective, cheaper version of sex-boosting drug Viagra, study authors said.

Viagra uses a different chemical, nitric oxide, to simulate erections.

Study authors at the University of Naples used eight men who had had sex-change operations as the control groups in the experiment.

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