The Handyman Cam

SAN DIEGO -- A woman living in Pacific Beach, near San Diego, recently had a hunch that something wasn't right when she got home from work -- she then suspected that someone was coming into her apartment and using her computer when she wasn't there.

So she set up a surveillance system inside her unit at Casa del Sur Apartments and quickly figured out what was going on. And it was shocking.

Her maintenance man, who had a master key that opens every apartment, was sneaking into her place and watching porn on her computer, according to investigators.

"On the Internet history of visited sites she noticed pornography sites visited," San Diego Deputy District Attorney James Teh said.

But not only was he watching, he was enjoying -- the brazen pervert was calling sex lines and masturbating, according to police.

Police arrested Joshua Kittle, 37, on March 9. He was arraigned Wednesday on seven felony counts, including residential burglary charges. He also faces three counts of accessing and adding data to the victim's computer. Kittle's bail has been set at $125,000

Others at Casa del Sur were surprised that their handyman turned out to be so hands on.

"He's always friendly, I see him out and about and he seems like a nice guy,"said resident Allison Freeman of Kittle.  

Freeman, however, now thinks she may also been a victim. A few months ago, her cable company charged her for an adult movie that she didn't order.

"I kind of wonder if it might have been him," she said.

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