Man Trapped in Blueberry Waffle Mix

Firefighters rescued Anthony Abruzzese, who fell more than 30 feet into a silo housing flour for blueberry waffles at a Kellogg’s plant in Winslow Township, Camden, NJ.

Abruzzese, 38, is an employee at Kellogg. He got stuck in the silo when he went to check the flour levels, only to find himself waist deep in the white, powdery mix, according to the fire chief.

Rescuers were very careful as they tried to pull him out, fearing the wrong move could cause him to sink in the 10 feet of flour. There was also a concern that the flour could ignite.

Rescuers dropped ropes inside the silo to pull out Abruzzese, who remained conscious during the entire rescue process, after which he refused treatment.

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