When Good Implants Go Bad

A Tennessee woman paid $5,500 for a curvier rear, but her new figure isn't quite right. Warning: You can't un-see this video.

This is what happens when you mess with Mother Nature, kids!

According to this video we caught on Buzzfeed, a Knoxville, Tennessee woman named April Stokely reportedly paid $5,500 for buttock implants. Everything was going fine -- in that I-have-a-new-butt way -- until

Butt Implants Gone Wrong

something went horribly wrong. Her all-new enhanced cheeks have drooped so dramatically, she now has trouble bending over. According to the newscaster, Stokely hopes to have the surgery corrected, but has lost faith in her doctor. You don't say.

In case you're considering spending four figures to have God knows what injected into your booty, do yourself a favor and watch Stokely's story yourself. Warning: This is one video you can't un-see.

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