What is the HypnoBirthing Method?

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Many expectant mothers have heard about the Lamaze method of childbirth, but a lesser known technique, called HypnoBirthing, is starting to get more popular. 

NBC6 reporter Amanda Plasencia is now over 8 months pregnant and after doing some research online about pain management during labor, she signed up for HypnoBirthing classes offered at the Family Birthing Center through Memorial Healthcare System.

"It’s an amazing program that teaches you to relax, let go and to let birth flow through you and not fight it," said Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Luisa Shulruff, RN LCCE. 

Shulruff, who had been working as a nurse and certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator for years, decided to become certified in the Mongan Method of Hypnobirthing and brought it to Memorial Healthcare System.  So what exactly is Hypnobirthing?

“Truly being able to relax and have faith in your body and to know how the hormones work. Knowing all the different ways to get to that relaxed state," said Shulruff.

By practicing HypnoBirthing, expectant mothers can learn about syncing up their mind, body and emotions to release their fears by trusting that their bodies know how to give birth. 

"We want labor to progress easily and calmly. I’m not saying that we totally take away the pain. I think that’s a real misnomer. People think no pain and that’s not necessarily true. What it means is that your discomfort level is going to be a whole lot less because you have that faith and that ability to let go," said Shulruff. 

It's unique for a major hospital like Memorial Healthcare System to offer this experience, which is a series of five interactive online classes. 

Some techniques include getting on a birthing ball to help your body prepare for labor, breathing techniques, getting your partner involved to be your advocate, visualization, positive affirmations and a rainbow relaxation to get you in a calm state before and during labor. While this method embraces the natural process of labor, these tools can be used in any mother's birth experience with or without medication.

“If we can somehow rephrase how we describe things and also how our healthcare providers can use verbiage that can make us more relaxed. It’s going to really affect our mind-body connection because fear causes tension and tension slows down labor," said Shulruff. 

More information on the next sessions of HypnoBirthing classes at Memorial Healthcare System can be found here.

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