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    Eric Harryman

    Coast to coast and back again! It’s been a career spanning five states chasing TV News for Eric Harryman.

    Eric co-anchors NBC 6 South Florida Today weekdays from 4:30-7 a.m. and 11 a.m. alongside Pam Giganti, meteorologist Ryan Phillips and traffic reporter, Kelly Blanco. Over the years Eric’s reporting and anchoring has earned him multiple awards, including an Emmy for best newscast and Press Club awards and nominations.

    He was born and raised in Santa Rosa, California which is about 60 miles outside of San Francisco, but his career in TV news has taken him far from home and back again. Most recently Eric was evening anchor for FOX Sacramento in California, the state where his adventure started as a news assistant for CBS in Los Angeles. From there, his career took him to TV stations in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Virginia, then BACK to California and finally landing here in South Florida. Eric says that journey and the different pace and lifestyle at each stop, has left him with a unique outlook on the ever changing culture of the nation. But no matter where you live, he says one thing stays the same: Everyone has a story, let them tell it.

    Harryman says he’s a pretty easy going guy, but when big news happens, that goes out the window and that's what he loves most about journalism and TV news. He believes his job is to figure out what's important and most impactful to the most people and report it in a responsible way; he says it's a challenge every day, but also a challenge he is grateful to be trusted with as a career.

    In 2002, Eric had the opportunity to work for International Sports Broadcasting at the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. He calls it one of the greatest adventures of his career. People from all over the world, telling their stories and participating in an event they had worked their entire life to be a part of; overwhelming to say the least.

    Away from the studio and cameras, Eric says nothing professionally equals what he has in his family. He and his wife Lisa live life through the eyes of their 3 young kids, a daughter and identical twin boys. Yes they are a busy family! Eric says, “The daily journey with them has taught me more about who I am and who I want to be, than anything else I have ever experienced in any aspect of my life.”

    Outside of breaking news and chasing little kids, Eric is a fanatic about health. The gym, long runs and healthy eating are a way of life for him and his family. He also says he has a pretty strong case of OCD and sometimes he drives himself crazy, but that's another story for another day … for now, he’s got plenty of YOUR stories to tell. Shoot Eric an email, if you've got a story idea,