Chef Adrianne Rocks Your Recipe!

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Our favorite red-haired chef, Adrianne Calvo, is giving your everyday recipes maximum flavor! Ron Magill from Zoo Miami may not need to have his ribs rocked, but that didn't stop Chef Adrianne from putting her own spin on it! Try it at home with the following recipe:

Take a rack of ribs and use a little dry rub that consists of two parts brown sugar to one part dry mustard, smoked paprika, dry oregano and 1/4 part salt. Then take the rack of ribs and marinate them in Bull’s Eye barbecue sauce overnight and then very slowly cook them on the grill with the lid closed on low to medium heat.  Occasionally sprinkle them with some lime juice while turning the rack over every 10 to 15 minutes and lightly re-brush with more barbecue sauce.  After about 45 minutes, cut the ribs individually from the rack and let them cook for another 20 to 30 minutes while lightly brushing the sauce.  Do not boil the ribs or cook them in any way prior to putting them on the grill.  This gives the ribs the tender “steak” like texture, as opposed to the “fall off the bone” texture of the pre-boiled ribs so many others like to do. 

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