Black Friday

Black Friday Deals Already Out, Offering Deep Discounts in Pandemic

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Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year will have a different feel to it because of the pandemic, with more people expected to do their shopping from home. 

From toys and electronics to clothes – retailers are already offering deep discounts, according to experts.

“The reality is there’s so many online deals ahead of Black Friday and ahead of Cyber Monday, that you don’t necessarily have to even shop that weekend,” said Andrea Woroch, a money-saving expert.

If you’re afraid to buy now, thinking you might miss out on a lower price later, experts say don’t worry – most stores are matching their own prices.

“I actually just did this at Target,” Woroch said. “I bought something for my daughter a couple of days ago and realized they’re having a special for 30% off.  I just called the retailer, and they gave me a price adjustment.”

Another reason to shop sooner rather than later – you want to avoid shipping delays. 

But if you do want to wait to buy, some retailers like Walmart, will be offering online-only deals starting on Wednesday night, so watch out for those.  

You may also want to consider using curbside pickup to possibly save even more money.

“Some stores I’ve even seen offer discounts when selecting that option,” Woroch said.  “They rather see you purchase from their local retailer and fulfill that order so they don’t have to deal with the headaches of shipping.”

If expensive jewelry is on your holiday list, experts recommend waiting until December to make your purchase. The same goes for gift cards, since many stores offer perks on gift cards closer to Christmas.

Here’s a list of some shopping resources to help you, as you prepare for Black Friday:

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