NBC 6 Responds Comparison Shops for Thanksgiving Dinner

NBC 6 Responds priced out 10 items at our local Walmart, Publix, and ALDI. 

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You’ve heard you may be paying more this year for your Thanksgiving meal, but what you pay could come down to what you buy and where you buy it. 

NBC 6 Responds checked out many of the items you will be putting in your cart this Thanksgiving. 

Food prices are up across the board. 

In October, the consumer price index showed food prices were up by 5.3% compared to last year. Meat, poultry, fish and eggs were up 11% compared to last year. 

“We don’t see the prices going down anytime soon,” said Robb MacKie, the President of the American Bakers Association. 

He says the increase in food prices can be attributed to factors such as work disruptions, shipping delays, and higher consumer demand. 

“It’s the ports, it’s ingredient availability, it’s the workforce issues, all contributing to this unprecedented situation,” MacKie said. 

The American Farm Bureau Federation publishes an Annual Cost Survey which looks at the prices of common Thanksgiving food items each year. Last year, the survey showed the average cost for Thanksgiving dinner was around $46.90. 

But this amount can vary depending on what you buy and where you shop. 

NBC 6 Responds priced out 10 items at our local Walmart, Publix, and ALDI. 

We found pumpkin pie mix, milk, Hawaiian Rolls, pie shells, fresh cranberries, whipping cream, and sweet potatoes were cheapest at ALDI. 

Walmart had the cheapest price for a 16-pound Turkey, canned green peas, and stuffing mix. 

Publix was the most expensive of the three grocers for the items on our list, but Publix offers coupons and rewards that could bring some prices down. 

All of the items on our list were in stock. 

MacKie suggests shopping early for any items you think might fly off the shelf.

“If you go early, and go to the store and you see your favorite frozen pie or stuffing, you have special rolls that you like, I encourage you getting them earlier instead of waiting until the last minute,” MacKie said. 

There are some ways consumers can save money on Thanksgiving food shopping. 

You can save money by looking for cheaper substitutes. If your family doesn’t eat a lot of turkey, you could buy a cheaper-priced meat. 

Also, hosting a potluck will help cut down on the number of items you have to buy. 

Additionally, find out if the grocery store you are shopping at has a loyalty or rewards program. 

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