Read the Fine Print to Know If Your Auto Policy Covers Flood Damage

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Many people do not know if their auto policy covers damage caused by flood water. 

Your auto policy more than likely covers flood damage, but in some instances, it is optional and comes with an additional price. 

To find out if flood damage is covered in your policy, you want to look for the area of your policy that says comprehensive coverage. 

According to the Insurance Information Institute, non-collision damage to your car is covered under the optional comprehensive portion of a standard auto insurance policy. 

This part of the policy covers things like a tree falling on your car during a windstorm, water damage to the vehicle, fire, explosion, earthquake, and other types of events. 

But this coverage comes with certain provisions. 

“There can be some provisions in there and it depends on which insurance policy you have and who it is with, but it doesn’t cover neglect,” AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins said. 

Jenkins says your policy may not cover flood damage if your car was poorly maintained, making it easier for rainwater to get in the vehicle or if you leave the window down. 

Rains reached record levels at locations across Miami-Dade and Broward.

Since the pandemic, some policy holders have noticed a difference in the price they pay for insurance.

“The less people that drive that means less accident severity and less claims being made by the insurers and as a result they are able to give some of that money back to their customers,” Mark Friedlander said. 

Friedlander with the Insurance Information Institute says auto premium relief programs do not change your current coverage. 

“Auto premium relief programs do not change your coverage at all, you have the same exact coverage,” Friedlander said. 

Flood insurance that covers your home comes with a 30 day waiting period before it becomes active, but that is not typically the case with auto policies.

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