What We Can Learn from Professional Cleaning Businesses

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As businesses and schools close, owners and administrators are looking to give their facilities a deeper cleaning.

“We’re getting more calls... besides the offices that we normally do,” says Elena Peña, owner of the cleaning company, EMP.

Elena Peña and Robert Estevez operate two small professional cleaning companies in South Florida and, since the coronavirus was designated a pandemic, they say the calls haven’t stopped.

“They are requesting additional cleaning almost everywhere,” says Robert Estevez, owner of Condor Specialty Services.

On a regular week, Estevez’s company cleans several Miami-Dade public schools.

“We do that every day from Monday through Friday and now they’ve asked us to go one day this week to each school and do a deep cleaning… all the tables, all the chairs, the floors, the counters, bathrooms. Everything is being cleaned with Clorox diluted with water,” he says.

For homeowners who haven’t been able to get their hands on popular disinfectant wipes, Estevez recommends this solution; although, if used, Estevez says to watch out for fumes and to be careful with paint and fabric that can lose its color with bleach.

“If you can get Clorox, you dilute it with water. A cup of Clorox in a gallon of water, that would disinfect anything that you have in your house,” Estevez adds.

Both business owners also say they’re taking precautions to protect their employees.

“As soon as we walk in, we put on disposable gloves that we don’t take off. Then we put shoe covers on,” says Peña.

“We have masks, we have gloves, we have garments that we put on,” adds Estevez.

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