• Donald Trump Oct 15, 2021

    US to Restore Full Pension of FBI Official Fired Under Trump

    Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has won back his full pension as part of a settlement of his lawsuit arising from his firing during the Trump administration more than three years ago

  • Trump administration Feb 15, 2020

    DOJ Drops Leak Case vs. McCabe; Judge Said WH Involvement Like a ‘Banana Republic'

    The Department of Justice has told lawyers for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that he will not face criminal charges for allegedly lying to investigators about a leak to the media, the ex-official’s attorneys said Friday. The decision was released on the same day it was revealed that a federal judge had expressed concerns months ago that McCabe’s...

  • Donald Trump Sep 12, 2019

    Ex-FBI Deputy Director McCabe Faces Prospect of Criminal Charges

    Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a frequent target of President Donald Trump’s wrath, faces the prospect of an indictment after his attorneys were unable to persuade senior Justice Department officials not to pursue charges that he lied to internal investigators. Two people familiar with the matter said Thursday that Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen declined an appeal from McCabe’s...

  • Donald Trump Aug 9, 2019

    Former FBI Deputy Director McCabe Sues FBI, DOJ Over His Firing

    FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a frequent target of President Donald Trump’s ire, sued the FBI and the Justice Department on Thursday over his firing. The lawsuit, the second this week from an ex-FBI official challenging the circumstances of his termination, says the firing was part of Trump’s plan to rid the bureau of leaders he perceived as disloyal to...

  • Donald Trump Jun 12, 2019

    Congress Told Russia 2016 Election Moves Typical ‘Spycraft'

    Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election bore some of the textbook tricks of the trade of Kremlin spycraft, including the volume and breadth of contacts with Trump associates, former FBI officials told lawmakers Wednesday in the latest congressional hearing dedicated to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report . The two officials, Robert Anderson and Stephanie Douglas,...

  • Donald Trump Jun 10, 2019

    House to Hold First Hearing on Mueller Report

    Sixty Democrat lawmakers and one Republican say they are ready to impeach President Trump after the report released by special counsel Robert Mueller said there was evidence that the president tried to obstruct his investigation. The House Judiciary Committee will hold its first hearing on the report Monday.

  • Donald Trump Feb 19, 2019

    McCabe: Congress' ‘Gang of 8' Didn't Object to FBI's Trump Probe

    Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe told the TODAY show Tuesday that he briefed congressional leaders about the counterintelligence investigation he had opened into President Donald Trump and that “no one objected,” NBC News reported. “That’s the important part here,” McCabe told Savannah Guthrie, who had asked if he had informed the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” group of congressional leaders....

  • Donald Trump Feb 18, 2019

    Ex-FBI Official: ‘Crime May Have Been Committed' by Trump

    Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said in an interview that aired Sunday that a “crime may have been committed” when President Donald Trump fired the head of the FBI and tried to publicly undermine an investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia. McCabe also said in the interview with “60 Minutes” that the FBI had good reason to open...

  • director Feb 14, 2019

    McCabe Talks Protecting FBI's Russia Probes, Comey Firing

    Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said in an interview that aired Thursday he moved quickly after his boss was fired to protect an investigation into President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and prevent it from being shut down in case he, too, was dismissed. Concerned when Trump fired FBI Director James Comey not long after taking office, McCabe also...

  • Donald Trump Dec 14, 2018

    Fact Check: Trump Falsely Claims Flynn Didn't Lie to FBI

    President Donald Trump is skimming over the facts when it comes to former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s guilty plea for lying in the Russia investigation. In remarks Thursday at a meeting with governors-elect, Trump suggests the FBI never accused Flynn of lying in its probe into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia during the 2016 presidential election. That’s...

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Dec 12, 2018

    Flynn's Lawyers Say His Lie to FBI ‘Uncharacteristic'

    Lawyers for Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn asked a judge Tuesday to spare him prison time, saying he had devoted his career to his country and taken responsibility for an “uncharacteristic error in judgment.” The arguments to the judge echoed those of special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, which last week said that Flynn’s cooperation — including 19 meetings...

  • business Dec 5, 2018

    Mueller Recommends No Prison Time for Flynn

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Tuesday filed a heavily redacted sentencing memo in the Michael Flynn case, calling his cooperation “substantial.”

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Oct 31, 2018

    Fact Check: Looking at Trump's Twitter ‘Truth'

    President Donald Trump says social media is “my form of telling the truth.” In fact, there are many well documented examples of Trump — as a candidate and as president — spreading false information on Twitter.

  • Donald Trump Oct 31, 2018

    Can President Trump End Birthright Citizenship?

    If President Donald Trump tries to end birthright citizenship, a legal battle is likely to take place.

  • Donald Trump Sep 24, 2018

    Amid Furor, Trump Pushes Pause on Deciding Rosenstein's Fate

    As Air Force One streaked across the desert sky and Las Vegas faded in the distance, President Donald Trump began seeking opinions. The TVs on the plane, tuned as always to Fox News, carried headlines about an explosive new story: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had suggested wearing a wire to secretly record Trump, and raised the idea of using...

  • Donald Trump Sep 21, 2018

    Rosenstein Joked About Secretly Recording Trump, Justice Department Officials Say

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was joking when he discussed wearing a wire to secretly record President Donald Trump and does not believe Trump should be removed from office through the use of procedures outlined in the Constitution’s 25th Amendment, according to sources familiar with his conversations. The sources were responding to a New York Times report that Rosenstein, in...

  • Donald Trump Sep 18, 2018

    Former FBI Official Andrew McCabe Has Book Deal

    Just months after the publication of James Comey’s “A Higher Loyalty,” another former FBI official will take on President Donald Trump. Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director ousted this year amid repeated attacks from Trump and a critical Justice Department report, has a book deal. St. Martin’s Press announced Tuesday that “The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in...

  • Donald Trump Aug 24, 2018

    Former Trump ‘Fixer' Michael Cohen Sets Up GoFundMe Page for Legal Costs

    Michael Cohen is sticking his hand out and asking the public for help paying for his legal defense, and one anonymous donor already has ponied up $50,000....
    Through his lawyer, Donald Trump’s former “fixer” says collecting contributions through a GoFundMe page set up after his guilty plea this week is the only way to ensure the truth comes out about the...

  • Associated Press Aug 22, 2018

    Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty

    Michael Cohen, a former personal attorney for President Donald Trump, plead guilty to tax fraud charges as well as campaign finance charges stemming from hush money related to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

  • Donald Trump Aug 12, 2018

    Rain Pouring, Trump Rages on Twitter and Hangs With Bikers

    As rain dumped on his golf club, President Donald Trump raged on Saturday, lashing out at his Justice Department on Twitter before welcoming members of a “Bikers for Trump” fan group to the manicured grounds. Dozens and dozens of gleaming Harleys, Hondas and other motorcycles descended on the central New Jersey property for what had been billed as an outdoor...

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