• Boeing Starliner Dec 20, 2019

    Boeing's Starliner Capsule Makes Launch Debut, But Hits Snag

    Boeing’s new Starliner capsule ran into trouble in orbit Friday minutes after blasting off on its first test flight, a crucial dress rehearsal for next year’s inaugural launch with astronauts.

  • NASA Dec 13, 2019

    Boeing's Crew Capsule Declared Ready for 1st Space Flight

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule finally has a launch date for its first test flight to the International Space Station. After an intensive review Thursday, NASA and Boeing managers agreed to a Dec. 20 liftoff. “Hopefully, we should all be getting an early Christmas present this year,” said Phil McAlister, director of NASA’s commercial spaceflight development….

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