• david amess Oct 16, 2021

    ‘He Was Southend': Tributes Paid to Slain British Lawmaker

    Leaders from across Britain’s political spectrum have come together to pay tribute to a long-serving British lawmaker who was stabbed to death in what police have described as a terrorist attack

  • leader Nov 3, 2019

    UK's Boris Johnson Apologizes for Missing Brexit Deadline

    Britain’s election campaign heated up Sunday even before it officially started, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying he would apologize to Conservatives for failing to take the U.K. out of the European Union by Oct. 31 and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage saying he won’t personally run for a seat in Parliament. Johnson’s promise to have Britain leave the bloc...

  • Facebook Oct 17, 2019

    Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Defends Speech Rules, says Tech Companies are New ‘Fifth Estate'

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday launched a defense of how tech companies promote and regulate free speech, arguing that Facebook and its peers make up a new “fifth estate” in society alongside the traditional news media. Zuckerberg, in a speech at Georgetown University, echoed language from the 18th Century, when people first began referring to journalists in the press...

  • Daniel Macht Sep 10, 2019

    Johnson to Suspend UK Parliament After Latest Brexit Defeat

    The simmering showdown between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Britain’s Parliament over Brexit came to a head as lawmakers delivered three defeats to the government’s plans for leaving the European Union, before being sent home early Tuesday for a contentious five-week suspension of the legislature. In a session that ran well past midnight, Parliament enacted a law to block a...

  • Associated Press Sep 4, 2019

    ‘Sit Up, Man!' British Politician Criticized for Slouching

    British conservative lawmaker Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the House of Commons, was criticized for stretching out across a bench as lawmakers discussed a vote allowing them to take control and introduce a bill that would seek to prevent a “no deal” Brexit.

  • Chairman Apr 2, 2019

    UK to Seek Further Brexit Delay, Try to Break Logjam, Prime Minister Says

    With Britain racing toward a chaotic exit from the European Union within days, Prime Minister Theresa May veered away from the cliff-edge Tuesday, saying she would seek another Brexit delay and hold talks with the opposition to seek a compromise. May made the announcement after the EU’s chief negotiator warned that a disruptive and costly Brexit was likely unless Britain...

  • Germany Dec 13, 2018

    UK Leader Seeks EU Lifeline After Surviving Confidence Vote

    British Prime Minister Theresa May was seeking a lifeline from European Union leaders Thursday after winning a no-confidence vote among her own Conservative lawmakers — but only after putting a time limit on her leadership. May won the vote after promising lawmakers at a private meeting that she would quit before Britain’s next national election, scheduled for 2022. Arriving in...

  • Europe Dec 12, 2018

    UK's May Hits Narrowing Road for Help Rescuing Brexit Deal

    Prime Minister Theresa May said she found “a shared determination” among some European leaders Tuesday to persuade the British Parliament to accept a proposed Brexit deal, but her continental counterparts insisted any room for revisions was small. So many British lawmakers oppose the deal on the terms of Britain’s breakup and future relationship with the European Union that May postponed...

  • Boris Johnson Dec 10, 2018

    Brexit Vote Delayed by British Prime Minister Theresa May

    British Prime Minister Theresa May announced she has postponed a key parliamentary vote on Britain’s Brexit deal with the E.U.

  • United Kingdom Nov 25, 2018

    EU Endorses Brexit Divorce Deal But Hard Work Lies Ahead

    European Union leaders on Sunday sealed a divorce deal with Britain, and issued a warning to U.K. politicians who within weeks will approve or reject it — this offer is as good as it gets. Amid criticism of the deal from lawmakers on all sides of Britain’s EU debate, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said the U.K. couldn’t hope to...

  • Europe Sep 29, 2018

    Under Siege: UK Leader Tries to Solve Her Brexit Problem

    Britain’s governing Conservative Party is at war — with itself....
    The divide is over Europe, and only thing the two feuding factions agree on is that their leader, Prime Minister Theresa May, is heading in the wrong direction....
    So May will be under attack from all sides when the Conservatives open their annual conference Sunday in the central England city of...

  • Donald Trump May 22, 2018

    Facebook Chief Faces EU Grilling Over his ‘Digital Monster'

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced tough questions from European Union lawmakers Tuesday over what one of them branded Zuckerberg’s “digital monster,” and he apologized for the way the social network has been used to produce fake news, interfere in elections and sweep up people’s personal data. At a hearing in the European Parliament in Brussels, legislators sought explanations about the...

  • Attorney General May 2, 2018

    DC Mayoral Insider Resigns After Event Where Speaker Used Anti-Semitic Slurs Against Lawmaker

    Latino activist and mayoral insider Joshua Lopez has resigned from the D.C. Housing Authority board under pressure from Council members who blamed him for allowing anti-Semitic comments at a rally he organized last Thursday at the Wilson Building.

  • Donald Trump May 1, 2018

    RAW: Zuckerberg Explains New ‘Clear History' Facebook Feature

    Facebook on Tuesday said it will allow users to clear their browsing history, including what websites they visit and what they are clicking on, with the help of a new privacy control called “clear history.”

  • London Mar 19, 2018

    Package With White Powder Delivered to British Parliament

    London police say a white powder found inside a suspicious package sent to Parliament is not harmful. The determination was made after the powder was investigated by specialists. Parliament was not evacuated or placed in a lockdown after the suspicious package was discovered Tuesday morning but the office that received it has been closed. British authorities didn’t identify that office....

  • NBC Jun 16, 2017

    Man With Knife Arrested Near British Parliament; No Injuries

    A man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a knife near British Parliament Friday, London police said, after a large police response in the heart of the nation’s capital. The incident took place before noon, local time, a London Metropolitan Police representative told NBC News. No one was injured. Other details weren’t immediately available. The arrest comes with the nation...

  • London Mar 23, 2017

    Londoners Spread Message of Unity Through Tube Stations

    Londoners were greeted by messages of unity written on dry erase boards in Underground stations, one day after Wednesday’s deadly terrorist attack. Among the messages in the Tube, London’s underground transportation system, have been quotes encouraging strength and a consistent message of not backing down to fear. Photos of the messages were posted on Twitter Thursday morning.

  • London Mar 23, 2017

    Police Investigating ‘Horrific Attack' in London: Official

    London police have provided details of the investigation into Wednesday’s deadly attack near the British Parliament. The London Metropolitan Police counterterrorism chief said Thursday morning that authorities believe the attacked acted alone and was “inspired by international terrorism.”

  • NBC Mar 22, 2017

    Eyewitness Recalls Incident at British Parliament

    Eyewitness Matt Haikin thought it was an accident when he saw a crumpled car and a body on the ground on Westminster Bridge. That was before he saw armed guards running to the gates of British Parliament and heard gunshots.

  • London Mar 23, 2017

    London Has Long Experience With Attacks

    London’s worst terrorist attack happened when four suicide bombers exploded backpacks filled with explosives on London’s public transportation in 2005, killing 52 people. Three of the men blew themselves up on the London Underground and one on a double-decker bus during the morning rush hour of July 7. About 700 people were injured. The four men were linked to al...

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