• Donald Trump Oct 10, 2018

    In Boon for Farmers, Trump Lifts Restrictions on Ethanol

    The Trump administration is moving to allow year-round sales of gasoline with higher blends of ethanol, a boon for Iowa and other farm states that have pushed for greater sales of the corn-based fuel. President Donald Trump announced he is lifting a federal ban on summer sales of high-ethanol blends during a trip to Iowa on Tuesday.

  • Congress Aug 28, 2018

    North Carolina Congressional Map Still Unlawful With Partisan Bias: Judges

    Federal judges on Monday affirmed their earlier decision striking North Carolina’s congressional districts as unconstitutional because Republicans drew them with excessive partisanship. Acting under an order of the U.S. Supreme Court to re-examine the case, the three-judge panel ruled again in favor of election advocacy groups and Democrats who had sued to challenge the boundaries drawn in 2016. The Greensboro-based...

  • Florida Aug 24, 2018

    Latino Impact: 6 Things to Know About Hispanic Voters in Florida

    Ahead of Florida’s 2018 mid-term election, check out some key facts about Florida’s Hispanic registered voters.

  • georgia Aug 17, 2018

    How Homeland Security is Gearing Up to Protect the Midterms From Hackers

    With all the concern over cybersecurity heading into the midterm elections, it’s actually quite difficult for outsiders to directly manipulate votes. Unlike corporate networks and email systems, voting machines aren’t connected to the internet, making them hard to access. So as government officials prepare for the hotly contested congressional elections in November, their focus is more on protecting the integrity...

  • Donald Trump Jun 25, 2018

    Trump Says Deport Migrants Who ‘Invade' US Immediately

    President Donald Trump on Sunday compared people entering the U.S. from Mexico to invaders and said they should be immediately sent back without appearing before a judge. The American Civil Liberties Union said in response that such a step would be illegal and violate the Constitution that Trump swore to uphold. “We cannot allow all of these people to invade...

  • Florida Mar 26, 2018

    Hundreds of Thousands Demand Gun Control at ‘March for Our Lives' Rallies Nationwide

    Hundreds of thousands of protesters demonstrated at Saturday’s “March for Our Lives” rally in Washington, D.C., with a message for politicians who fail to tighten the nation’s gun laws: “Vote them out.” “Stand for us, or beware, the voters are coming,” Cameron Kasky, a now prominent figure in the student-led movement from Parkland, Florida, shouted from the stage in front...

  • spokeswoman Jan 10, 2018

    Judges: North Carolina Must Redraw GOP's Gerrymandered Map

    Federal judges ruled Tuesday that North Carolina’s congressional district map drawn by legislative Republicans is illegally gerrymandered because of excessive partisanship that gave the GOP a rock-solid advantage for most seats and must quickly be redone. The ruling marks the second time this decade that the GOP’s congressional boundaries in the state have been thrown out by a three-judge panel....

  • Google Dec 20, 2017

    After Net Neutrality, Brace for Internet ‘Fast Lanes'

    Now that federal telecom regulators have repealed net neutrality, it may be time to brace for the arrival of internet “fast lanes” and “slow lanes.” The net neutrality rules just voted down by the Federal Communications Commission prohibited such “paid prioritization,” as it’s technically known. That’s when an internet provider such as Verizon or Comcast decides to charge services like...

  • Google Dec 18, 2017

    FCC Votes to Scrap Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules, Bars States From Imposing Their Own

    The Federal Communications Commission repealed the Obama-era “net neutrality” rules Thursday, giving internet service providers like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T a free hand to slow or block websites and apps as they see fit or charge more for faster speeds. In a straight party-line vote of 3-2, the Republican-controlled FCC junked the long-time principle that said all web traffic must...

  • Google Dec 14, 2017

    What Is Net Neutrality and Why Does It Matter?

    “Net neutrality” regulations, designed to prevent internet service providers like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Charter from favoring some sites and apps over others, are on the chopping block. On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission plans to vote on a proposal that would not only undo the Obama-era rules that have been in place since 2015, but will forbid states to...

  • President Dec 11, 2017

    Venezuela's Socialists Win Big in Mayoral Elections

    Venezuela’s ruling socialists swept nearly all the races for mayors across the country, and President Nicolas Maduro is now threatening to ban key opposition parties from future elections in the oil-rich country wracked by economic crisis. Hundreds of supporters shouted “Go Home, Donald Trump” to interrupt Maduro at a rally late Sunday in the colonial center of Caracas, where he...

  • Donald Trump Dec 7, 2017

    Congress Seems on Track to Avert Weekend Government Shutdown

    Despite incendiary words from President Donald Trump, Congress seemed on track Wednesday to approving legislation that would avert a partial government shutdown over the weekend as all sides seemed ready to avert a confrontation — for now. Increasingly confident House leaders planned a Thursday vote on a bill that would keep federal agencies functioning through Dec. 22, and Senate approval...

  • Donald Trump Nov 27, 2017

    Here's What's Atop Washington's Jam-Packed Year-End Agenda

    Taxes, spending, immigration and more top a lengthy to-do list when lawmakers return to Capitol Hill on Monday after their Thanksgiving break. President Donald Trump plans to meet with congressional leaders on Tuesday to try to hammer out the end-of-year agenda. For Trump and the Republican-run Congress still reaching for their first major legislative victory, tax cuts would fit the...

  • Congress Nov 23, 2017

    Trump Spends Thanksgiving With Coast Guards

    President Donald Trump spent the first of his Thanksgiving holiday with the Coast Guard in Florida, praising them for their response to Hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria.

  • Donald Trump Jun 12, 2017

    In Iowa, Concerns Over Economy Trump Comey Testimony

    News of the scandal billowing around President Donald Trump’s White House may be impossible to avoid in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, but residents there told NBC News that it’s far from their biggest concern. “People are making too much of it,” said Jim Wagner, a Vietnam veteran who earned a Purple Heart and founded the Veterans Freedom Center in Dubuque....

  • Cuba Oct 3, 2016

    Colombia's Leader to Push Ahead on Peace After Shocking Defeat

    Voters rejected a peace deal with leftist rebels by a razor-thin margin in a national referendum Sunday, delivering a major setback to President Juan Manuel Santos, who vowed to keep a cease-fire in place and not give up his campaign to end a half-century of war. With more than 99 percent of polling stations reporting, 50.2 percent of ballots opposed...

  • Venezuela May 18, 2016

    Venezuelan Anti-Government Protesters Clash With Police

    Venezuelan police in riot gear clashed on Wednesday with thousands of protesters trying to reach the headquarters of the country’s electoral body to demand a referendum to recall unpopular President Nicolas Maduro.

  • United States May 18, 2016

    Venezuela Opposition Rejects Maduro's State of Emergency

    Venezuelan opposition leaders are rejecting a 60-day state of emergency declared by President Nicolas Maduro.

  • Apr 8, 2019

    'This Woman is Driving Me Nuts': Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tried to Quit ‘The View' After Fight With Barbara Walters in Explosive Resurfaced Audio

    The former co-host was not happy with the way the news legend spoke to her on air.

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