• WHO Mar 26

    European WHO Official: “1 Out of 10 Infections Are in Health Care Workers”

    WHO Europe Official Dr. Hans Kluge presented data showing 1 out of every 10 infections in Europe are of health care workers.

  • coronavirus Mar 12

    Chaos and Confusion in Europe as Trump Issues Travel Ban

    The decision by President Donald Trump to restrict most travel from 26 European countries sparked chaos at airports and confusion early Thursday, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world.

  • coronavirus Mar 12

    Trump Ban on Travel From Europe Escalates Pain for Airlines

    President Trump is banning most Europeans from entering the United States for 30 days to try to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

  • coronavirus Mar 12

    Trump Announces 30-Day Europe Travel Ban

    President Donald Trump said Wednesday the U.S. would suspend travel from Europe, with the exception of the United Kingdom, for 30 days to curb the spread of coronavirus. After Trump’s address, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said the restrictions only apply to foreign nationals and not U.S. citizens, green card holders or the family of U.S. citizens. He also...

  • coronavirus Mar 1

    Friendly Kissing Poses European Dilemma as Virus Spreads

    Friendly kissing in the time of coronavirus has become a fresh dilemma, especially in effusive southern Europe, with perhaps the power to reshape customs. But even more-reserved northerners are grappling with whether to forgo the hallowed handshake.

  • United States Aug 14, 2018

    Go Inside This NYC Cat Café: A 360 VR Experience

    No cats in your home or cat cafés in your city? Do the next best thing – put yourself in “Koneko,” a Manhattan-based cat café fostering cats from the Angellico Cat Rescue. You’ll have to grab your own cup of coffee, though.

  • hsbc Feb 18

    HSBC to Cut Headcount by 35,000 After Net Profit Fell 53% Last Year

    Europe’s biggest bank has reported that its net profit fell 53% in 2019 to $6 billion.

  • Europe Feb 10

    Hurricane-Force Winds Pound UK and Europe, Upend Travel

    Storm Ciara battered the U.K. and northern Europe with hurricane-force winds and heavy rains Sunday, halting flights and trains and producing heaving seas that closed down ports. Soccer games, farmers’ markets and cultural events were canceled as authorities urged millions of people to stay indoors, away from falling tree branches.

  • Iran Jan 10

    Trump Turns to Those He Has Scorned for Help on Iran

    As tensions fester with Iran, President Donald Trump finds himself turning to the very people and entities he’s spent three years dismissing or alienating: NATO, Western allies and U.S. intelligence agencies.

  • Florida Nov 4, 2019

    Brag About Your School: Dillard High School

    After 110 years, Dillard High School has earned its “pillar of the community” status in Fort Lauderdale. But alumni from the early days, or even from 20 years ago, wouldn’t recognize the place now.

  • Europe Nov 29, 2019

    Global Climate Protests Ahead of UN Meeting in Madrid

    Protesters in cities across the world staged rallies Friday demanding leaders take tougher action against climate change, days before the latest global conference, which this year takes place in Madrid. The rallies kicked off in Australia, where people affected by recent devastating wildfires joined young environmentalists protesting against the government’s pro-coal stance. Janet Reynolds said she had come to the...

  • Canada Nov 25, 2019

    How to Get the Best Travel Deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Frequent travelers know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday can deliver savings on everything from airfare and hotel stays to cruises, attraction passes and bucket list tours. But the challenge is finding the true deals in the holiday sales heap. “The best advice I can give to navigate travel bargains is unromantic, but effective: Sign up for emails from online...

  • Canada Nov 24, 2019

    Secret Documents Reveal How China Mass Detention Camps Work

    The watch towers, double-locked doors and video surveillance in the Chinese camps are there “to prevent escapes.” Uighurs and other minorities held inside are scored on how well they speak the dominant Mandarin language and follow strict rules on everything down to bathing and using the toilet, scores that determine if they can leave. “Manner education” is mandatory, but “vocational...

  • Europe Nov 24, 2019

    UK’s Boris Johnson Has One Thing on His Mind: Brexit Now

    The formal launch of the Conservative Party’s election pledges Sunday centered around the key plank of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s campaign: making Brexit happen. Speaking to a friendly crowd, Johnson trashed his opponents — most notably the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, his prime rival — and claimed that his Conservatives are the sole party in next month’s election that...

  • Donald Trump Nov 23, 2019

    Fact Check: Trump and His So-They-Say Accusations

    President Donald Trump has a sophisticated machine at his disposal for gathering and analyzing information: the U.S. government. But many of his inflammatory statements come from another place, an ethereal world where his sources are never identified: “They say. … Well, that’s what the word is. … That’s the way it was explained.” Over the past week of impeachment hearings,...

  • Mexico Nov 23, 2019

    Tougher US Asylum Policy Follows in Europe’s Footsteps

    Nkeze wasn’t home when Cameroonian militants came knocking, probably to deliver their signature ultimatum to join their separatist movement or have his writing arm cut off. The 24-year-old economics student escaped to Douala, the country’s largest city, only to learn that the government wanted to arrest him for participating in a university protest. He then flew to Ecuador and traveled...

  • Donald Trump Nov 22, 2019

    Parents of Late US Hostage Chasing North Korean Assets

    The parents of a former U.S. hostage who died after being released from North Korea in a coma in 2017 say they are committed to finding and shutting down illicit North Korean business assets around the world in efforts to hold its government accountable for widespread human rights abuses. In a news conference in Seoul on Friday, Fred and Cindy...

  • Donald Trump Nov 22, 2019

    Trump Impeachment Hearings Highlight Immigrants’ Stories

    One came from northeast England. Another came from the former Soviet Union. A third was born in Canada to parents who’d fled the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Several witnesses who testified in the House impeachment inquiry this week chose to highlight their immigrant backgrounds, sharing their families’ stories in highly personal opening statements. They drew a connection to how...

  • Europe Nov 21, 2019

    Space Enthusiasts Preparing for Meteor Outburst Thursday Night

    A brilliant flurry in the sky near the Unicorn constellation is expected Thursday night over the eastern half of North America and all South America.

  • Donald Trump Nov 21, 2019

    Fiona Hill Says Vindman Is ‘Excellent’ on Ukraine Issues

    During her congressional testimony, former White House adviser Fiona Hill refuted claims that she had expressed concerns over the professional judgment of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness in the impeachment hearings. Vindman’s reputation and insight into the Ukraine investigations had come under question during testimony from fellow National Security Council staffer Tim Morrison on Tuesday.

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