• Flint Dec 7, 2020

    Flint Will Finally Remedy Years-Long Water Crisis By End of Month, Officials Say

    Officials say Flint is making progress toward resolving the lead contamination crisis that made the Michigan city a symbol of poor drinking water

  • The Associated Press Jun 14, 2019

    Flint Water Scandal: Prosecutors Drop All Charges, Plan to Restart Probe

    Prosecutors dropped all criminal charges Thursday against eight people in the Flint water crisis and pledged to start from scratch the investigation into one of the worst man-made environmental disasters in U.S. history. The stunning decision came more than three years — and millions of dollars — after authorities began examining the roots of the scandal that left Flint’s water...

  • Michigan Mar 1, 2019

    Jaden Smith's Foundation Bringing Clean Water to Flint

    Jaden Smith’s foundation and a church are working to bring cleaner water to Flint, Michigan. The rapper’s organization and First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church on Friday announced they’ll deploy a mobile water filtration system known as “The Water Box” that reduces lead and other potential contaminants. The 20-year-old’s JUST goods company collaborated with the church to design and engineer the...

  • United States Sep 10, 2018

    Miss America Contestant Uses Pageant Platform to Call Out Flint Water Crisis

    Each contestant in this year’s Miss America pageant had 10 seconds on stage to introduce herself. Michigan’s contestant Emily Sioma used her brief platform to bring attention not just to herself, but to an ongoing public health scourge in her home state: the Flint water crisis. “From the state with 84 percent of the U.S. fresh water but none for...

  • The Associated Press Jan 23, 2018

    Florida Quietly Worked Out Deal to Cap Fees in Water Wars

    Florida has worked out a deal to cap the amount of money that will be paid to law firms hired to help the state in its long-running water war with Georgia.

  • Florida Jan 22, 2018

    Florida Quietly Worked Out Deal to Cap Fees in Water Wars

    After complaining by Republicans, the administration of Florida Gov. Rick Scott worked out a deal to cap the amount paid in the state’s water war with Georgia.

  • director Jun 28, 2017

    Michigan Sues Flint After Council Refuses to OK Water Deal

    The state of Michigan sued Flint Wednesday, alleging that the city council’s refusal to approve a broadly backed deal to buy water long term from a Detroit-area system is endangering public health in the wake of a man-made crisis that left the supply contaminated with lead. The Department of Environmental Quality had threatened legal action if the council did not...

  • Attorney General Jun 15, 2017

    Michigan Health Chief Charged in Flint Water Crisis Investigation

    Five people, including the head of Michigan’s health department, were charged Wednesday with involuntary manslaughter in an investigation of Flint’s lead-contaminated water, all blamed in the death of an 85-year-old man who had Legionnaires’ disease. Nick Lyon is the highest-ranking member of Republican Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration to be snagged in a criminal investigation of how Flint’s water system became...

  • Governor May 4, 2017

    Queen Latifah Stars in Movie About Flint Water Crisis

    Queen Latifah is hoping that her role in a movie about the Flint water crisis will bring more attention to what she calls one of the great American tragedies of this century. Latifah said Thursday during filming in Toronto that American officials including Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder acted for too long like the water crisis did not exist and that...

  • Mayor Apr 18, 2017

    Flint Mayor Says Water Switch ‘Too Risky' After Lead Crisis

    In a reversal, Flint’s mayor on Tuesday recommended that the Michigan city keep getting its drinking water from a Detroit-area system for the long term, saying a planned switch would be too risky and expensive following a man-made crisis that left the supply contaminated with lead. “This protects residents from any potential fears or anxieties that would come from another...

  • Governor Jan 13, 2016

    Snyder Activates National Guard to Help With Flint

    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder late Tuesday activated the National Guard to help distribute bottled water and filters in Flint as it deals with a drinking water crisis that began months ago....
    Snyder’s executive order is intended to bolster outreach to Flint residents, whose tap water became contaminated with too much lead after it switched its drinking water supply. Officials in Michigan...

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