Great Barrier Reef

  • climate check Feb 26

    How Climate Change Is Impacting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

    From the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to South Florida’s coral reefs, climate change is taking a toll on marine life around the world. NBC 6 Meteorologist Angie Lassman reports.

  • climate check Feb 27

    How Climate Change Impacts Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

    In the wake of the Australian bushfires, the images coming out of the country set ablaze were jarring. The collision of the country’s most extreme drought and most extreme temperatures shocked the world. With views of a scorched Earth and injured or perished animals flooding social media and news outlets, it was easy to see the devastation. “Extreme heat,...

  • Chairman Aug 30, 2019

    Australia Lowers Great Barrier Reef Outlook to ‘Very Poor’

    The government agency that manages Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has downgraded its outlook for the corals’ condition from “poor” to “very poor” due to warming oceans. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s condition report, which is updated every five years, is the latest bad news for the 345,400 square kilometer (133,360 square miles) colorful coral network off the northeast...

  • chief executive Nov 6, 2018

    Man Dies in 3rd Shark Attack Off Australia Island in 7 Weeks

    A shark killed a man in an island harbor on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef where two tourists were mauled on consecutive days in September in a spate of attacks that has left authorities struggling to explain an apparent escalation in danger in an internationally renowned vacation destination. The 33-year-old victim, Daniel Christidis, was among 10 friends who set out from...

  • Mar 7, 2012

    Colts Announce They’re Releasing Peyton Manning

    Peyton Manning forever will be thought of around Indianapolis as No. 18, the quarterback who led the Colts to an NFL championship.

  • NBC News Jun 1, 2018

    The Great Barrier Reef May Be More Resilient Than Previously Thought: Study

    Though scientists are worried about Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, a major new study shows that the reef was able to come back from a series of “death events” over the last 30,000 years, NBC News reported. The reef is suffering from water pollution, overfishing and warmer seawater brought on by climate change, but the new finding suggests that the reef...

  • NBC News Apr 21, 2018

    Scope of Great Barrier Reef’s Coral Bleaching Alarms Scientists

    The clear blue-green waters around the Great Barrier Reef are changing faster than previously thought, according to a new study in the journal Nature, worrying scientists who say the survival of the Great Barrier Reef and other ecosystems like it is crucial for the planet, NBC News reported. At the Great Barrier Reef — considered one of the Earth’s largest...

  • NBC News Apr 5, 2018

    ‘Poop to Power’: Portland to Convert Waste to Natural Gas

    The city of Portland, Oregon, just opened its first natural gas fueling station at its wastewater treatment plant, where the methane by-product created by treated sewage will be converted into natural gas. The city says it’s a major milestone for its “Poop to Power Project.”

  • United States Mar 22, 2018

    2 US Tourists Die in Helicopter Crash on Great Barrier Reef

    A helicopter carrying American tourists crashed at a coral-viewing site on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, killing two passengers from Hawaii and injuring two others from Colorado, police said. The helicopter pilot pulled one passenger from the wreckage after Wednesday’s crash but desperate attempts to revive the 65-year-old woman failed, Police Inspector Ian Haughton said Thursday. A 79-year-old man also died...

  • Aug 28, 2019

    See How Snow White Expertly Soothed a Little Boy With Autism at Epcot

    Lauren Bergner spent months preparing her 6-year-old son Brody for Disney World. Brody has autism and communicating with him about change before it happens helps him to adjust more easily. But Bergner, 37, understands meltdowns are inevitable for her child, who is sensitive to noise and crowds.

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