• Donald Trump Feb 14, 2019

    Timeline: How the #NeverAgain Movement Gained Momentum After Parkland

    The shooting last Valentine’s Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, prompted a wave of student and parent activism for stricter gun laws not seen after previous massacres. Here’s a look at how the Never Again movement gained momentum after the massacre:

  • Congress Nov 17, 2018

    Dems Struggle Over Pelosi Bid for Speaker of the House

    Democrats won the majority. Now they just need a speaker of the House. The standoff over Nancy Pelosi’s bid to regain the gavel intensified Friday as Democrats left Washington for the Thanksgiving holiday, an unsettling finish to an otherwise triumphant week that saw them welcome a historic class of newcomers to Capitol Hill and prepare to take control. Pelosi was...

  • Senate Nov 15, 2018

    Golden Defeats Incumbent Poliquin in Maine Congressional Race

    A Democrat who finished behind Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin in the first round of balloting has come from behind to flip the seat in the second of its two U.S. House races. Election officials declared Golden the winner Thursday after a federal judge denied Poliquin’s request to halt tabulations under Maine’s new voting system.

  • Congress Nov 7, 2018

    Pelosi Says She Is ‘Best Person' for House Speaker

    U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, on Wednesday said she is the “best person” to serve as Speaker of the House.

  • Donald Trump Nov 7, 2018

    Democrats Will Take Control of the House: NBC News

    After a hard-fought contest largely centered on President Donald Trump’s performance and policies, the Democratic Party will wrest control of the House of Representatives from the Republicans, NBC News projected. But the GOP gained ground in the Senate and preserved key governorships, beating back a “blue wave” that never fully materialized. Still, the new Democratic House majority ends the Republican...

  • Donald Trump Nov 7, 2018

    Election Night For the Left: 2016 Flashback Turns to Celebration

    As the midterm polls closed, social media timelines flooded with sentiments that resembled a flashback to the 2016 election. Some pundits projected Democrats would take the Senate and the House in this election, but the “Blue Wave” wasn’t meant to be this election. Twitter emoted at that fact in real-time. Writer Touré tweeted: “It’s funny, this is just about the...

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Nov 6, 2018

    On the West Coast, Election Doesn't End on Election Night

    The election often doesn’t end on election night on the West Coast, where a majority of voters cast their ballots by mail or drop them off. And with competitive congressional races in Washington state and California, the outcome of any close race could take days to determine. Three of Washington state’s 10 U.S. House races are being watched nationally as...

  • NBC Nov 5, 2018

    How NBC News Calls the Midterm Races on Election Night

    NBC News is a member of the National Election Pool, a consortium formed by NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN. The NEP consortium, along with Edison Research, conducts exit and absentee polls, provides precinct votes in selected sample precincts and runs models for the analysis of the election information. The NEP also delivers statewide vote counts, as well as county by...

  • Commissioner Nov 1, 2018

    ‘Trump Democrats' Give GOP Hope for a Midterm Win in Minnesota

    For much of her life, Jacqueline Koski considered herself a Democrat. The Minnesotan almost always backed the party down the ballot. She voted for President Barack Obama twice. During the 2016 primary she threw her support behind U.S. Sen Bernie Sanders, an independent vying for the Democratic nomination. But after Hillary Clinton won the nomination, the 52-year-old store owner started...

  • georgia Oct 17, 2018

    Democrats' Not-So-Secret Plan to Fight Midterm Malaise

    They’re asking pastors to text their congregants about the importance of voting. They’re connecting with thousands of Puerto Ricans displaced by Hurricane Maria. And they’re relying on groups like the NAACP, which has tripled its spending from 2016 to energize black voters. Less than three weeks before Election Day, Democrats are sparing nothing to make sure their voters head to...

  • Donald Trump Oct 14, 2018

    Trump Praises McConnell's Role in Battle Over Kavanaugh

    President Donald Trump heaped praise Saturday on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, crediting the veteran Kentucky lawmaker’s political toughness and acumen during the ugly battle that concluded with Brett Kavanaugh becoming a Supreme Court justice. “He’s Kentucky tough,” Trump declared. Kavanaugh took his seat on the high court this week after overcoming allegations of sexual misconduct dating to his high...

  • spokeswoman Oct 10, 2018

    Want Election Results? On West Coast, Patience Is Required

    If control of the U.S. House comes down to any of the competitive congressional races in Washington state and California, the nation might have to wait days to learn the outcome. In both of those states, voters can put their ballots in the mail as late as Election Day, meaning the final votes do not typically reach election officials until...

  • Donald Trump Sep 10, 2018

    High Stakes as 2-Month Sprint to Election Day Begins

    Control of Congress and the future of Donald Trump’s presidency are on the line as the primary season closes this week, jump-starting a two-month sprint to Election Day that will test Democrats’ ability to harness opposition to Trump and determine whether the Republican president can get his supporters to the polls. For both parties, the stakes are exceedingly high. After...

  • Donald Trump Aug 13, 2018

    Democrats Look to Longshot Territory for Midterm Gains

    As Aftab Pureval campaigns for Congress in southwest Ohio, he sometimes smilingly introduces himself as “a brown dude with a funny name.” The Ohio native is the son of a Tibet-born mother and India-born father. He first upset the Cincinnati political order in 2016, winning the Hamilton County clerk of court’s post that had been in Republican hands for a...

  • Donald Trump May 30, 2018

    George P. Bush Was Only Bush to Endorse Trump

    George P. Bush, the only member of the Bush family to campaign for President-elect Donald Trump, tells NBC 5’s Meredith Land he is his own man and a team player when it comes to the GOP.

  • judge May 14, 2018

    Feds Dismiss NJ Sen. Menendez Indictment

    Federal prosecutors have decided not to retry New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez on corruption charges, after a judge threw out some of the counts last week.

  • Donald Trump Apr 15, 2018

    GOP Devotes $250M to Midterm Strategy: Keep House Majority

    The Republican National Committee has committed $250 million to a midterm election strategy that has one goal above all else: Preserve the party’s House majority for the rest of President Donald Trump’s first term. Facing the prospect of a blue wave this fall, the White House’s political arm is devoting unprecedented resources to building an army of paid staff and...

  • Donald Trump Dec 22, 2017

    Chance, More Recounts Key in Virginia Elections

    A three-judge panel in Virginia certified the 94th District in Newport News as tied Wednesday, one day after a dramatic recount appeared to give Democrat Shelly Simonds a victory over Republican Del. David Yancey by a single vote. Democrats decried the decision and indicated they may file a legal challenge.

  • Jan 4, 2013

    NYC Subway Bomb Plot Suspect Extradited to U.S.

    A Pakistani man who is accused by British authorities of of being an al-Qaida operative who took part in a plot to bomb U.S. and U.K. targets was extradited to the U.S. Thursday to face terrorism charges, Reuters reported. Read More

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