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  • Donald Trump Nov 25, 2019

    Trump Denies Bombshell Russia Reports From NYT, Washington Post

    President Donald Trump responded to accusations of Russian collusion in two separate bombshell reports from the New York Times and the Washington Post. Trump denied that he fired former FBI Director James Comey to advance Russian interests and a Post report that he hid conversations he had with Vladimir Putin.

  • Donald Trump Nov 15, 2019

    Yovanovitch: Trump's Comments to Ukraine Leader ‘Sounded Like a Threat'

    Former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified Friday that she was “shocked and devastated” when she learned President Donald Trump told Ukraine’s leader in a call now central to the impeachment inquiry that she was “bad news” and would be “going through some things.” “A person who saw me actually reading the transcript said that the color drained from...

  • Donald Trump Nov 15, 2019

    Amb. Yovanovitch on Trump Comments: ‘Sounded Like a Threat'

    Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch says she felt President Donald Trump’s comments on a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy “sounded like a threat.”

  • China Jun 20, 2017

    ‘Unscientific and Irrational': India's No-Meat, No-Lust Advice for Pregnant Women Ridiculed

    India’s government is advising pregnant women to avoid all meat, eggs and lusty thoughts, but doctors say the advice is preposterous, and even dangerous, considering India’s already-poor record with maternal health. Women are often the last to eat or receive health care in traditionally patriarchal Indian households. Malnutrition and anemia, or iron deficiency, are key factors behind India’s having one...

  • Donald Trump Nov 4, 2019

    Trump, Who Would Only Answer Written Questions, Says That's Not Good Enough for Whistleblower

    The whistleblower who raised alarms about President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine and touched off the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry is willing to answer written questions submitted by House Republicans, the person’s lawyer says. But President Trump says that’s not good enough. Trump himself refused to provide anything but written answers in response to limited questions during the special counsel’s investigation...

  • Donald Trump Nov 2, 2019

    Trump May Face Fight Over Planned Move From NYC to Florida

    Donald Trump a Florida man? Not so fast. Despite a stinging “good riddance” tweet from New York’s governor, the president’s home state may not let him go to Florida without a fight. Trump’s plan to shift his permanent residence to Palm Beach will likely be heavily scrutinized by New York state officials, who are notorious for auditing wealthy residents seeking...

  • Jun 12, 2009

    Floor Trading Resumes in Most NYSE Stocks Hit by Glitch

    Floor trading has resumed in most stocks hit by midday computer glitch at the New York Stock Exchange.

  • Donald Trump Oct 25, 2019

    Trump Organization Exploring Sale of DC Hotel

    President Donald Trump’s company is exploring the sale of its Washington, D.C., hotel, which has been at the center of three years of ethics complaints and lawsuits accusing him of trying to profit off the presidency.

  • Donald Trump Oct 21, 2019

    Mulvaney's Missteps Draw Scrutiny From Trump Allies

    For Mick Mulvaney, the hits just keep on coming. First, President Donald Trump’s acting chief of staff stirred up a tempest by acknowledging that the administration had held up aid to Ukraine in part to prod that country to investigate Democrats and the 2016 elections. Then Mulvaney went on television Sunday to defend his boss in effusive terms — and...

  • Donald Trump Oct 13, 2019

    Trump Backs Giuliani, But Some Aides Wish He Would Cut Ties

    President Donald Trump on Saturday stood behind personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, one of his highest-profile and most vocal defenders, amid reports that federal prosecutors in the city Giuliani led as mayor are eyeing him for possible lobbying violations. Behind the scenes, however, many of Trump’s closest aides and advisers, inside and outside the White House, quietly wish the president would...

  • Nov 15, 2019

    Homes for Haiti From Food for the Poor

  • Donald Trump Oct 10, 2019

    Defying Impeachment Inquiry, Trump Makes Charge More Certain

    The combative White House letter vowing to defy the “illegitimate” impeachment inquiry has actually put President Donald Trump on a more certain path to charges. His refusal to honor subpoenas or allow testimony would likely play into a formal accusation against him. The letter sent to House leaders by White House Counsel Pat Cipollone Tuesday evening declared the president would...

  • Donald Trump Oct 9, 2019

    White House, Democrats Spar Over Rules for Impeachment

    The U.S. Constitution gives the House “the sole power of impeachment” — but confers that authority without an instruction manual. Now comes the battle royal over exactly what it means. In vowing to halt all cooperation with House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, the White House on Tuesday labeled the investigation “illegitimate” based on its own reading of the Constitution’s vague...

  • Donald Trump Oct 7, 2019

    2nd Whistleblower Comes Forward on Trump-Ukraine Call

    A second whistleblower with “first-hand knowledge” has come forward with information about President Trump’s controversial July phone call with the president of Ukraine. The White House is dismissing the new development, saying “It doesn’t matter how many people decide to call themselves whistleblowers…It doesn’t change the fact that [President Trump] has done nothing wrong.”

  • Apr 29, 2010

    Marlins at 20: The Good, Bad, and The Ugly

    What we’ve seen so far as the first month of the season closes on the 11-9 Marlins

  • Donald Trump Oct 6, 2019

    Analysis: Trump's Old Ways Colliding With New Realities

    Telling half-truths and outright lies. Manipulating media coverage. Pushing legal boundaries. Pressuring subordinates to do the dirty work. Believing in the force of his own personality. Accepting no personal responsibility. The playbook Donald Trump has used as a real estate developer, celebrity businessman and political candidate has, for the most part, proved effective through the first two-plus years of his...

  • Donald Trump Oct 5, 2019

    Trump Seethes Over Impeachment Inquiry and Slams Critics

    President Donald Trump is seething over an impeachment inquiry into his conduct after Democrats subpoenaed the White House about contacts with Ukraine and he signaled his administration would not cooperate. In a series of tweets Saturday sent as the presidential motorcade ferried him to his Virginia golf course, Trump defended his comments and lashed out at critics, including a past...

  • Feb 12, 2009

    TaleSpin: The Saga Of Joaquin Phoenix

    For a couple of weeks Joaquin Phoenix has been telling anybody who would listen that he’s done with acting, that he’s moving on to a career as a rap artist. After what happened in New York tonight (at the premier of his new movie “Two Lovers”) we suspect that rather than simply walking away from his career, he is...

  • Donald Trump Sep 27, 2019

    White House Dusting Off Mueller Playbook as Pressure Mounts

    The White House is dusting off its playbook from the special counsel’s Russia investigation. Caught off guard by the speed at which a whistleblower’s claims have morphed into an impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump and his team are scrambling to respond. They’re turning, at least for now, to some of the same strategies they used to counter special counsel Robert...

  • Attorney May 29, 2015

    Man Caught Stuffing Assault Rifles Down His Pants at Davie Pawn Shop: Police

    A 19-year-old man faces grand theft charges for allegedly trying to steal assault rifles from a pawn shop in Davie by stuffing them down his pants.

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