• david amess Oct 16, 2021

    ‘He Was Southend': Tributes Paid to Slain British Lawmaker

    Leaders from across Britain’s political spectrum have come together to pay tribute to a long-serving British lawmaker who was stabbed to death in what police have described as a terrorist attack

  • Europe Nov 24, 2019

    UK's Boris Johnson Has One Thing on His Mind: Brexit Now

    The formal launch of the Conservative Party’s election pledges Sunday centered around the key plank of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s campaign: making Brexit happen. Speaking to a friendly crowd, Johnson trashed his opponents — most notably the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, his prime rival — and claimed that his Conservatives are the sole party in next month’s election that...

  • President Oct 28, 2019

    EU Delays Brexit to Jan. 31; Johnson Election Bid Fails

    Britain got Brexit breathing space but no clarity on Monday when the European Union granted a three-month delay to the U.K.’s departure from the bloc. British politicians immediately began using the extra time to do what they have done for more than three years — bicker about Brexit.

  • United Kingdom Oct 21, 2019

    What's Next After Boris Johnson Denied Vote on Brexit Deal?

    Britain’s long and winding path out of the European Union has taken another twist — into another potential dead end. The U.K. is due to leave the EU in 10 days, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been stymied twice in 48 hours in his attempt to get Parliament to approve his divorce deal. Here’s a look at what could...

  • United Kingdom Oct 20, 2019

    Fractious Brexit Saga to Continue in Parliament, Courts

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still at odds with Parliament over how to break the Brexit impasse, and the European Union is considering Johnson’s halfhearted request for a delay to the Oct. 31 deadline. There are things to look for in the coming days.

  • Europe Aug 31, 2019

    Crowds Gather in UK Cities to Protest Johnson's Brexit Plans

    Crowds are gathering in London and other major British cities to protest Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament for part of the period before the Brexit deadline in two months. Several thousand protesters gathered near Johnson’s residence at 10 Downing Street in central London, while others protested in in Belfast, York and others cities to show determination to block...

  • European Union Jun 7, 2019

    UK's Brexit Party Narrowly Defeated in Key Electoral Test

    Britain’s upstart Brexit Party failed in its first attempt to win a seat in Parliament, narrowly losing early Friday to the left-of-center Labour Party in a special election. Labour candidate Lisa Forbes won the Peterborough constituency in eastern England by 683 votes over the Brexit Party’s Mike Greene. Forbes said the Brexit Party’s defeat “shows that the politics of division...

  • United Kingdom Jun 3, 2019

    Trump Meets Queen Elizabeth During UK State Visit

    President Donald Trump met with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace at the start of a two-day visit to the United Kingdom against the political backdrop of Brexit turmoil and protests against his presidency.

  • European Union Apr 6, 2019

    UK's May Concedes Brexit Deal Won't Pass ‘in Near Future'

    British Prime Minister Theresa May acknowledged that the government’s strategies to get her Brexit deal approved in Parliament failed, saying Saturday there’s little prospect lawmakers will back the thrice-rejected divorce agreement “in the near future.” With the U.K. once again days away from a deadline for leaving the European Union, May pressured opposition lawmakers to help her find a compromise...

  • European Union Apr 6, 2019

    What Next? Some Scenarios for UK as Brexit Crisis Unfolds

    Crunch time is coming for British politicians and European Union leaders, who are scrambling to find a way to way to make Brexit work. Britain is set to leave the EU on April 12 without an agreement in place unless a plan is reached or a further extension is granted. British politicians are deeply divided over a solution and EU...

  • Asher Klein Mar 22, 2019

    Broken-Hearted But Not Broken: New Zealand Prays Together 1 Week After Mosque Attacks

    New Zealanders observed the Muslim call to prayer Friday in reflecting on the moment one week ago when 50 worshippers at two Christchurch mosques were slain — an act that an imam told the crowd of thousands had left the country broken-hearted but not broken. In a day without precedent, people across New Zealand listened to the call to prayer...

  • actor Oct 20, 2018

    Tens of Thousands March in London to Demand New Brexit Vote

    Hundreds of thousands of protesters opposed to Britain’s impending exit from the European Union marched through central London on Saturday, demanding a new referendum and to have a say on the government’s final Brexit deal with the EU. Organizers say another public vote is needed because new facts have come out about the costs and complexity of Britain’s exit from...

  • European Union Apr 29, 2018

    UK Interior Minister Quits Over Growing Immigration Scandal

    Britain’s interior minister resigned Sunday amid a scandal over authorities’ mistreatment of long-term U.K. residents wrongly caught up in a government drive to reduce illegal immigration. Prime Minister There’s May’s office said late Sunday that May had accepted the resignation of Home Secretary Amber Rudd. Rudd had been due to make a statement to Parliament on Monday over the furor...

  • Donald Trump Dec 31, 2017

    Words Banned for the New Year? ‘Fake News' Gets Top Vote

    Let me ask you this: Would a story that unpacks a list of tiresome words and phrases be impactful or a nothingburger? Worse, could it just be fake news? Northern Michigan’s Lake Superior State University on Sunday released its 43rd annual List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness . The tongue-in-cheek, non-binding list...

  • United Kingdom Dec 15, 2017

    The Kids Are All Right: ‘Youthquake' Is Oxford Word of 2017

    Oxford Dictionaries recognized the power of the millennial generation Friday with its 2017 word of the year : youthquake. Oxford lexicographers say there was a fivefold increase in use of the term between 2016 and 2017. It is defined as “a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.” The word, coined almost...

  • Senate Dec 8, 2017

    Australian Prime Minister Rushes Gay Marriage Into Law

    Australia’s prime minister rushed gay marriage into law on Friday by gaining a final signature on a bill hours after it was overwhelming endorsed by Parliament and as the nation started planning weddings that can take place in a month. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull traveled to Government House where Governor-General Peter Cosgrove signed the bill into law on behalf of...

  • NBC Jun 19, 2017

    Man Arrested After ‘Horrific Terrorist Attack' Near London Mosque Leaves 1 Dead

    A vehicle struck pedestrians near a mosque in north London early Monday morning, killing one man and injuring 10 other people in what police are investigating as a terrorist incident. Police said the 48-year-old man who was driving the car has been arrested and taken to a hospital as a precaution. He will be given a mental health evaluation. The...

  • NBC Jun 9, 2017

    British Prime Minister Vows to Carry on Despite Election Losses

    British Prime Minister Theresa May vowed Friday to form a government and carry on separating the U.K. from Europe despite her party losing its majority in Parliament in Thursday’s snap election. May visited Queen Elizabeth II and announced her plan to form a coalition government between her Conservative Party and the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland. Together, the two...

  • leader Jun 9, 2017

    A Look at What a Hung Parliament Means for Britain

    Britain’s general election has ended with no party winning an outright majority, bringing the second so-called hung Parliament in the last three elections. Here are a few questions over what it means and its implications for the country.

  • NBC Jun 9, 2017

    May's UK Election Gamble Backfires as Tories Lose Majority

    Spectacularly punished by voters who took away her majority in parliament, a politically wounded Theresa May sought to soldier on Friday as Britain’s prime minister, resisting pressure to resign after the failure of her high-stakes election gamble made the massive challenge of untangling Britain from the European Union only more complex and uncertain. Having called an early election in hopes...

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