• China Nov 24, 2019

    The Man Behind China's Detention of 1 Million Muslims

    After bloody race riots rocked China’s far west a decade ago, the ruling Communist Party turned to a rare figure in their ranks to restore order: a Han Chinese official fluent in Uighur, the language of the local Turkic Muslim minority. Now, newly revealed, confidential documents show that the official, Zhu Hailun, played a key role in planning and executing...

  • Elizabeth Warren Nov 23, 2019

    ‘A Serious-Minded Kid:' Pete Buttigieg Aimed High Early

    Would Peter Buttigieg — the smartest kid in class, language whiz and devotee of John F. Kennedy — use his unusual last name in his eventual run for president of the United States? Or would he have a better shot of winning the voters of the future if he went by Montgomery, his middle name?

  • judge Jun 26, 2018

    Woman Accused of Leaking US Secrets Pleads Guilty

    A woman accused of leaking U.S. secrets to a news outlet pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court in Georgia. Reality Winner, 26, entered her guilty plea after reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors that calls for her to serve five years and three months behind bars, news outlets reported. A judge will sentence her later. “All of these actions I...

  • Facebook Dec 29, 2017

    Will We Get a Sad Poop Emoji? Well, There's a Process

    We have a smiling pile of poop. What about one that’s sad? There’s loaf of bread and a croissant. But where’s the sliced bagel? How can our emotional vocabulary be complete without a teddy bear, a lobster, a petri dish or a tooth? These are the kind of questions that trigger heated debates and verbal bomb tossing — or at...

  • Donald Trump Oct 25, 2017

    Trump Sees ‘Miracle' in Puerto Rico Survival, Ignores Critics

    Touring a small slice of Hurricane Maria’s devastation, President Donald Trump congratulated Puerto Rico on Tuesday for escaping the higher death toll of “a real catastrophe like Katrina” and heaped praise on the relief efforts of his administration without mentioning the sharp criticism the federal response has drawn. “Really nothing short of a miracle,” he said of the recovery, an...

  • Donald Trump Oct 25, 2017

    Many Puerto Ricans Angry Over Trump's Comments on Island

    Outside of official events, many Puerto Ricans say they won’t be welcoming President Donald Trump with open arms during his visit to the storm-wracked island on Tuesday. People in the U.S. territory were angry or dismissive Monday when asked about Trump’s description of some Puerto Ricans who have criticized the U.S. government’s aid after Hurricane Maria as “ingrates” and about...

  • Donald Trump Oct 7, 2017

    Pence Visits Islands Wrecked by Maria: ‘We're Going to Keep the Help Coming'

    Puerto Rico’s governor said Friday he is “very serious” about working with Elon Musk on rebuilding the island’s shattered electrical infrastructure, as the vast majority of residents remain without power and the death toll continues to rise more than two weeks after Hurricane Maria made landfall. Musk said in a tweet Thursday that his company’s solar technology, which powers several...

  • Donald Trump Sep 29, 2017

    ‘This Is an Island, Surrounded by Water': Trump Defends Puerto Rico Relief Response Time

    President Donald Trump rebuffed criticism over the time his administration took to respond to Puerto Rico’s pleas for aid following Hurricane Maria. He cited the geography of Puerto Rico, the scale of the damage done to the island, as well as a shortage of help from local authorities who had to see to their own families in wake of the...

  • judge Sep 28, 2017

    'I Screwed Up Royally': Accused NSA Leaker Confessed to FBI Agent

    Court records show a young woman charged with leaking U.S. secrets told FBI agents she was frustrated with her job as a government contractor when she tucked a classified report into her pantyhose and smuggled it out of a National Security Agency office in Georgia. Prosecutors included the 78-page transcript of Reality Winner’s interview with FBI agents in a court...

  • Attorney Jun 9, 2017

    Accused Leaker Reality Winner Ordered to Remain Jailed Pending Trial

    A federal judge ordered a young woman charged with leaking classified U.S. documents to remain jailed until her trial after prosecutors argued Thursday she might possess more stolen government secrets....
    Prosecutors also said 25-year-old Reality Winner might try to flee the U.S. if released on bond. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Solari told the judge Winner had written in a notebook: “I...

  • NBC May 31, 2017

    ‘A Truculent Pride': National Spelling Bee Relies on Quirkiness of English

    Noah Webster eliminated many inconsistencies in English spellings in his first dictionary and in the blue-backed spelling books published for American classrooms, but fortunately for the survival of spelling bees his reforms went only so far. Otherwise English might have been scrubbed of the quirky letter combinations that have bedeviled generations of school children but that also gave rise to...

  • The Associated Press Sep 22, 2016

    23 ‘Genius' Grants Announced by MacArthur Foundation

    Gene Luen Yang, a prize-winning author and the national ambassador for young people’s literature, and Claudia Rankine, one of poetry’s brightest and most innovative stars, are among this year’s 23 MacArthur fellows and recipients of the so-called “genius” grants.

  • President Jan 15, 2016

    12 Turkish Academics Detained for Signing Kurdish Peace Declaration

    Turkey’s state-run news agency says police have detained 12 people who are among a group of more than 1,000 who signed a declaration denouncing military operations against Kurdish rebels in southeastern Turkey....
    Anadolu Agency says the 12 detained by police Friday are lecturers at Kocaeli University in northwestern Turkey. Police were still processing the paperwork for nine other academics who also...

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention May 13, 2019

    New York Has Stunning 82 Percent of America's Measles Cases as Outbreak Total Soars to 839

    Nearly 100 more measles cases have been reported across the nation since last week, marking a 10 percent increase in total cases as the number in the U.S.’ worst outbreak in decades eclipses the 800 mark, officials said Monday.

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