long-term care facilities

  • coronavirus May 9

    Inside a Miami Senior Care Facility Battling COVID-19

    Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon is one of many long-term care facilities who have borne the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic. With hundreds of vulnerable seniors at risk, the consequences for residents can be deadly and the pressure can be immense for staff. Up until now, we’ve mostly seen these facilities from the outside: grieving loved ones with little...

  • coronavirus May 8

    Inside a Local Senior Care Facility Battling COVID-19

    Long term care facilities have borne the brunt of the coronavirus. With such a vulnerable population, the consequences of positive cases inside can and has been deadly. NBC 6’s Phil Prazan gives us a look at what life’s like inside.

  • coronavirus May 7

    Florida Issues Transfer Orders to Long-Term Care Facilities

    If nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Florida cannot check on coronavirus-positive residents three times a day, hold them in a secluded section of the building, and check asymptomatic residents every eight hours, they’re now required to transfer residents to other facilities who can. This comes as Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to loosen restrictions on business and travel...

  • coronavirus May 6

    New Rules for Nursing Homes to Control Spread of Virus

    A primary front in the battle against the coronavirus continues to be at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. One-third of the deaths so far have been to a resident from one, and the state knows it needs to get a handle on preventing the spread. NBC 6 Investigator Phil Prazan looks at new steps being taken.

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