• Usain Bolt 2 hours ago

    What's the Fastest Man in the World Up to Lately? Working on Music

    We caught up with Olympic recordholder Usain Bolt about what he’s been up to since retiring from competition – and which superheroes he thinks he could beat in a race. Bolt has been enjoying time with family and working on some songs.

  • driving while black 4 hours ago

    Why Philly Wants to End Police Traffic Stops for Minor Offenses

    Philadelphia police disproportionately pull over Black drivers for minor offenses like a broken taillight, but those stops don’t do much to reduce violent crime – a gun or drugs are found about 1% of the time. Under the Driving Equality Bill that recently passed City Council, drivers would get a ticket in the mail for those minor violations –...

  • coronavirus pandemic 7 hours ago

    COVID Questions Answered: Vaccine Boosters, Colin Powell

    It’s OK to mix and match vaccines when scheduling your booster shot, Dr. John Torres explains. And he answers your other coronavirus questions about Colin Powell and police officers dying from the virus.

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    Thanksgrilling Is Here

    Don’t get trapped in the kitchen, set yourself free this holiday with “Thanksgrilling.” Join Johnny Bananas and Chef Jason K. Morse in the backyard for some Turkey Day grilling. Think outside the oven this holiday and go on an adventure in your backyard. Johnny and Chef Morse have tips for cooking your entire Thanksgiving meal on the barbecue. Learn the...

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  • Colin Powell Oct 19

    Colin Powell's Death Offers Important Lesson About the Immunocompromised

    “It’s important to vaccinate the immunocompromised…but also the people around the immunocompromised, so that they don’t end up spreading the infection to them. So that we create a protective cocoon around these people until we reach herd immunity,” says Dr. Sravanti Teegavarapu of the Baylor College of Medicine.

  • Ahmaud Arbery Oct 19

    Jury Selection Begins in Trial for Ahmaud Arbery's Murder

    Warning: this clip contains video of the encounter that killed Ahmaud Arbery. Attorneys in the trial of Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Bryan will have to ask whether jurors have already seen the viral video of the men fighting Arbery before he was killed. Ronald Carlson, law professor at the University of Georgia, says people who have seen the...

  • HBCUs Oct 19

    This Former Nike Designer Is Reopening Michigan's Only HBCU

    Former Nike designer D’Wayne Edwards will reopen the Lewis College of Business, the only Historically Black College in Michigan, which closed down in 2013.

  • Military Oct 18

    Remembering Colin Powell, a Black Military Trailblazer

    The late Colin Powell was the first Black Secretary of State and deeply studied African American military history, says Brandeis University’s Chad Williams. “We need to remember him as part of that tradition. A tradition that is rife with struggle, with pain, with institutionalized racism, but also with heroic achievement and accomplishment,” Williams said.

  • Oct 18

    WHO Honors Henrietta Lacks, Whose Cells Helped in Vaccine Research

    “She never knew she was a participant, and that’s the tragedy here, but her contribution to the fields of science and biology is without question and really, unrivaled.” Dr. Ugo Iroku talks about Henrietta Lacks, a Black cervical cancer patient whose cell samples were used in decades of biological research, including for the COVID-19 vaccines. Lacks’ cells were taken without...

  • labor laws Oct 18

    Everything You Need to Know About ‘Striketober'

    “We have huge favorability numbers [for unions]…so that’s also an indication of the pulse of society, that everyone’s sick and tired of watching workers getting abused during the pandemic.”...
    Jane McAlevey of the UC Berkeley Labor Center talks about recent labor strikes at Kellogg’s, John Deere and the IATSE film and TV union, where workers are fighting for a weekend. The...

  • covid-19 vaccine Oct 15

    Doctor Hopeful Patients Won't Need to ‘Mix and Match' Vaccines

    While health authorities say “mixing and matching” vaccine brands is OK, and good news for those who received the J&J vaccine, one Texas doctor believes the supply will allow for those who received Pfizer to get a 3rd booster dose of Pfizer, and so on. We spoke to HHM Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Lyons about the vaccine rollout,...

  • climate change Oct 15

    5 Times the Oil and Gas Industry Acknowledged Climate Change Is Real Since 1954

    Historical documents show that petroleum industry scientists knew that CO2 and other pollutants were having climate consequences. But in public, the industry told a different story.

  • Cuban Americans Oct 15

    Family Ties: Cuban Americans and Their Emigration Story

    A recent surge of anti-government protests in Cuba have turned a spotlight back on calls for reform in the one-party Communist country. And for Cuban Americans whose families left the country in previous decades, it’s a reminder of what was lost and gained in their immigration to the U.S. NBCLX storyteller Eric Rodriguez takes a closer look at the Cuban...

  • Health Oct 15

    Why It's Crucial to Get a Breast Cancer Screening

    Ann-Marie Appiah Swatson remembers feeling a lump in her breast and getting tested. Thankfully, it was benign – but she says it shows the importance for young women of color to know their genetic history and get tested. She’s the founder of nonprofit Painted Pink, encouraging just that.

  • New York City Oct 14

    NYC Prepares For Gas Attack Drill

    If New York City ever had to deal with a toxic gas problem, security officials want to know how it would spread through the densely populated city. So later in October, the city and Department of Homeland Security will release non-toxic gas at about 120 sites throughout the city and take measurements of airflow. NBC New York’s Kay Angrum explains.

  • fossil fuel emissions Oct 14

    Records Show Fossil Fuel Execs Knew Climate Change Was Real – And Did Nothing to Stop It

    The gas and oil industry spent decades denying that climate change was a threat, but now-public industry documents show that oil executives and the scientists on their payroll have known for nearly a century that their products were negatively impacting the atmosphere. So what did they know, when did they know it and what did they do to stop it?

  • covid-19 vaccine Oct 14

    Hear From a Doctor: You Can Mix Vaccine Brands For Your COVID Booster

    Your questions about COVID vaccine booster shots, answered. We hear from Stanford Children’s Health pediatrician Dr. Alok Patel about the latest federal guidance on boosters, and when to expect vaccine approval for kids under 12. Plus, Dr. Patel tells you what you need to know about the vaccines and COVID precautions for your holiday plans.

  • relationships Oct 13

    What the Gabby Petito Case Can Tell Us About Domestic Violence

    It’s normal for couples to argue or for a partner to ask about your whereabouts – but there are patterns of bad behavior that should raise red flags. In light of recent news in the Gabby Petito case, we spoke to Tracy Tamborra, a criminal justice professor at the University of New Haven and former director of a domestic violence...

  • hispanic Oct 13

    Confused About When to Use Hispanic, Latino or Latinx? This Guide Is For You

    U.S. Census data shows that from 2010 to 2021 people who identify as Hispanic or Latino accounted for over half of the nation’s population growth, outpacing other ethnic subgroups in nearly every state. But debates are plentiful over who is Hispanic, what terms like Hispanic, Latino and Latinx mean, and the nuances of pan-ethnic identifiers. So who is considered Hispanic…

  • space Oct 13

    William Shatner Says Blue Origin Flight Changed Him

    Even at 90 years old, you can get a new outlook on life – and a thrilled William Shatner told reporters that seeing the curvature of the Earth and the darkness of space changed him. We show you the Blue Origin launch and hear from NBC News Science Reporter Denise Chow about what it means for Jeff Bezos’ spacefaring company.

  • Facebook Oct 13

    If Facebook Is Canceled, Then What?

    More than 3.5 billion people lost their connection to their social networks when Facebook’s portfolio of apps went down October 4, 2021. The combined reach of Facebook (2.797 billion people), WhatsApp (2 billion), Messenger (1.3 billion), and Instagram (1.287 billion) covers most of the global online population (4.72 billion). Facebook’s numbers alone account for 35% of all living humans while…

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