• coronavirus Aug 7, 2020

    Family Asks NBC 6 Responds for Help With Off-Campus Lease

    When the pandemic hit South Florida, Lupe Hernandez saw her family’s wedding-based business come to a standstill. “Last event we did was back in March before everything shut down,” she said. Still, Lupe said they continued to pay their son’s existing, off-campus lease for several months – even though he was taking classes from home. “We paid it on...

  • coronavirus Aug 6, 2020

    Off-Campus Leases During the Pandemic

    Early on in the pandemic, we heard from several parents who were stuck paying off-campus leases for their children while they were taking classes from home. But one mom asked NBC 6 Responds for help recently with a new lease they signed last fall for the upcoming school year.

  • coronavirus Mar 27, 2020

    Students With Off-Campus Leases Find Little Relief

    Universities and colleges in Florida are voting on offering refunds for some on-campus housing, but the same isn’t happening for those who life off-campus.

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