• Burmese Pythons Dec 26, 2020

    Florida Hunter Makes Christmas Cookies with Python Eggs

    Burmese python may not be everyone’s first food of choice for festive holiday fare — or second, third or fourth either. For starters, it’s snake. Plus, because of potentially high mercury levels, there’s still a lot of uncertainty over the health risks posed by eating South Florida’s most destructive invasive species. But one South Florida python hunter has been...

  • Florida Dec 14, 2020

    Snake and Eggs? Floridians Could Soon Eat Invasive Pythons

    Donna Kalil estimates she’s eaten a dozen pythons in the last three years or so. That’s not including the python jerky, says Kalil, a python hunter for the South Florida Water Management District. “I eat that several times a week because I take it out with me on python hunts and I eat it out there.” State officials would...

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