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Are You an Artist?

Bravo goes highbrow with its latest reality show endeavor -- and they're coming to Miami



    Are You an Artist?
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    Do you want this lady judging your art?

    So you think you’re an artist? It’s possible, but are you any good?

    Stop wondering right now and just ask Bravo! Yes, Bravo, the television network and apparently the judge of what is currently fashionable ("The Fashion Show"), tacky ("The Real Housewives of New Jersey") and funny ("Kathy Griffin") will be casting their newest reality show right here in Miami.

    Tuesday morning, local creative types will begin lining up outside of Wynwood’s Fredric Snitzer Gallery, probably before dawn, all eager for a moment in the spotlight and a couple extra bucks. Bravo is casting emerging, semi-established or even mid-career artists to participate in a reality show with the mysterious name: "The Untitled Art Project."

    The show will be produced by two companies, Magical Elves and "Sex in the City" old girl Sarah Jessica Parker’s Pretty Matches. How Parker is an art expert is soon to be established as well. Who the hell knows where the network is going with this, but it’s bound to be fun. Just envision 13 moody, competitive egotists living in a LES apartment off no sleep, desperately seeking the approval of SJP.

    Dramatic and brilliant? It’s possible.

    Miami has impressively been chosen as one of only four city sights for casting calls. This is very exciting news for a seemingly vacuous town. Looks like we’re matching up with L.A., N.Y. and Chicago as far as the visual arts go. Dust off your old watercolors and fill out the 3,000-page application, because it’s time for us to show the world what the Miami art world is made of.

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